Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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In this essay i will be ecnologing key features about two of our presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. All of their faults and things they went through during their presidency. There big achievements and how they contributed to our nation,if they even did?

Hopefully you will learn as much as i did.

Thomas jefferson was our 3rd presidents as you probably already knew.His 4 year term was from 1801-1809.He was born in virginia in 1743 and he became vice president after losing to john adams.

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On the other hand andrew jackson was our 7th president fun fact he is the son on irish immigrant. was also loved by many people but with love comes hate.

Andrew jackson was one of our presidents but that still doesn’t mean he wasn’t human. So he made mistakes which caused him to have problems and with problems come challenges. During his presidency there was a law passed called the indian removal act. Andrew jackson angered many people by passing this law. The challenge with this was that people were starting to dislike him which caused ralys and petitions to stop the act of taking indians off their homeland. Another challenges he faced relates to the indian removal act. The trail of tears this was were the indians had to travel from there home land to a place americans choose.This long trail caused millions of indians to die. This new relocation meant that they had to adapt to climates he wasn’t used to. The problem here was that he risked millions of lives for some land and people started to disagree with him.The last challenge he faced was about him trying to destroy the second national bank. This caused recession which made the public go into panic and people started going bankrupt and broke.

Let’s not talk about Thomas Jefferson’s challenges he faced more personal problems than andrew jackson did like his wife passing away. He also faced things that affected him socially which was slavor. The last challenge he faced was that after his first term he got defeated which made him vice president. In my opinion i think that Thomas Jefferson had it harder then Andrew Jackson because he had to deal with grief while keeping it professional as being the president.

We have already covered the challenges that both presidents have both faced. But we have not talked about what they have done for our nation. Even though thomas jefferson was in a different era then Andre Jackson he was able to influence the federal government through this correspondence. Another thing that he has done he expanded the nation with the louisiana purchase. The last thing he did was that he helped led US forces in the creek war against native americans.

Andrew jackson has also done things for our nation like the indian removal act but it mostly helped the white americans who wanted the resources.I feel as he was unsuccessful to help our nation.

I think that thomas jefferson was the most successful president not only because he helped our nation with so much but he went through so much and still ended up helping the nation.

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