Bad Facts about Andrew Jackson

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Andrew Jackson has been a defective president people think he is good some think he was bad but we will see when u read deeper in to this story of Jackson’s presidency, Andrew Jackson was born around the Western part of Carolina witch was about in the middle of South Carolina and North ,Where he was born and raised offered very little parts of education for the children and the amount of schooling he was receiving was always interrupted by the British and by that eventually lead to being captured by the British,while he was held as a prisoner that had to shine shoes his mother and brothers dies during the end of the harsh war.

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All the horrific things he had to see and hear tramatiestd him and made him hold a lifelong hostility to Great Britain. He was a landowner and a lawyer and became a national war hero after beating the british in the battle of New Orleans.Andrew Jackson was elected the 7th president in 1828. I feel like Jackson was more bad then good but he had a very strong temper and he killed a man in duel in 1806 for insulting his wife, Rachel, and she died shortly before Jackson took over country of the country and by that he was always mad and had lots of rage and a smoldering latrine fire of resentments. Jackson kept a watchful eye over government expenditures and congressional appropriations. In one instance, he vetoed a road bill approved by Congress. Jacksons spending controls with increased revenue enabled him to pay off the national debt in 1835 and kept the ation debt free for the remainder of his term.

Jackson espoused removing Indian tribes in the United States to the west of the Mississippi River as one of the reforms.”Jackson argued that the United States policy of attempting to assimilate the tribes into white society had failed and the Native Americans’ way of life would eventually be destroyed. Furthermore, he recognized that whites desired their lands and feared if the Native Americans remained in those areas they would eventually be exterminated”.Today,Jackson’s Indian removal policy and its tragic consequences it made with people led to the trail of tears the most blight on his presidential legacy.

The war against the bank happened in 1833 was to destroy the Second bank of the U.S., after his reelection convinced him that his opposition to the bank had won national support but i don’t think it was right that he did that he made people lose their jobs and took all the money for families and people were mad because they don’t have anything to provide for their families anymore and the supporters of a central bank were those involved in industrial and commercial ventures. He did a lot of bad things in his life but he had a hard life witch probably lead to some of the things he did.

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