Andrew Jackson – Good Person

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Andrew Jackson should be viewed as a good person in history because he was always truthful and when he said something he meant it. Jackson joined the local militia as a courier. He was caught by the British and scarred by the British officers. His father died before his birth, his mother passed from cholera contracted treating wounded soldiers, and his brothers ended up to be dead from the battle. In the end, Jackson came out as an orphan and that is why he is not the kind to lie.

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In the presidential election of 1824, the not so known man received a plurality of both the popular and the electoral vote against the ‘establishment’ candidates of John Quincy Adams and John H. Crawford, but he didn’t win the majority necessary to win the election. As a result, the election went to the House Of Representatives and that when John Quincy Adams won the election in which Andrew Jackson believed it was a corrupt bargain since Quincy Adams and Henry Clay must have been working together. I have heard that earlier, before the election, some of Clay’s friends contacted Jackson and Jackson said “Say to Mr. Clay and his friends that before I would reach the presidential chair by such means … I would see Earth open and swallow both Mr. Clay and his friends and myself with them.” When Jackson said this he means that he would be cheating and Jackson isn’t the kind to cheat. Once it was a new election and Jackson beat Quincy, he began to his job, in his First Inaugural Address he said“As long as our government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights of a person and of property, liberty of conscience and of the press, it will be worth defending.” and what he meant was “As long as our government is fighting for the good of the people, is regulated by will, as long as it gives us rights as a human and to have property, and liberty of an awoken press then it will be worth keeping safe.” Something Jackson did that wasn’t the best choice but what he thought was for a good reason was shutting the bank, he did it because he thought that the bank was only giving to the wealthy and Jackson was thinking of the poor.

Andrew Jackson has also made some mistakes, for example; When the Indians were in the west part of the U.S, across of the Mississippi River, Jackson argued that the United States policy of attempting to assimilate the tribes into the white society had failed and the Natives way of life would eventually be destroyed. He also noticed that the Americans wanted their land and they were afraid that if the Native Americans continued to stay in their areas that they would be exterminated. Many people fought Jackson’s removal policy in Congress, but their efforts failed by a handful of votes. Congress’ authorization of the Indian Removal act started in 1831 and empowered Jackson to make treaties with the tribes in arranging for their displacement. There is also when Jackson made a tariff in 1832 and John C. Calhoun didn’t agree with it, neither did the South. The South fought with Jackson and tried to get him to take away the tariff but he said he no and he just lowered it. The South said take it off or we are leaving the Americas and then John C. Calhoun told the South to just ignore the tariff. Once Jackson found out he sent some troops down and made the South follow the tariff.

So, in the end, I would like to argue that yes, that he should be viewed as a good president in history. Jackson didn’t have his best moments but he still was a very good president and should be viewed as one because any of the choices he did was just to try and help the Americas even if some of them went wrong.

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