Was Andrew Jackson a Bad President

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Although Andrew Jackson did some good things in his life, the bad things he has done overshow that. Jackson and his followers formed the Democratic party and pledged to represent ordinary farmers, workers, and the poor. He led an army to one of the most surprising victories and fought in the Revolutionary War when he was 13. He was a great general and a man of his word. He ran for president and won again in 1828 because that was the first year that people who didn’t own land could vote.

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He started an unauthorized invasion of Florida and owned more than one hundred black Americans. While he was president he didn’t rely on his cabinet for advice so he had a group of family and friends give him advice. He also replaced a lot of republican people in the white house with democrats because he was in the democratic party.

Congress passed a tariff law in 1828. People argued that they didn’t want other countries to tax their things. Andrew Jackson lowered the tariff but that wasn’t enough for the southerners and they threatened to leave the union. When Jackson heard what they were saying, he threatened to send an army down to South Carolina.

Alexander Hamilton set up a National Bank. Andrew Jackson was not a fan of it because he thought that it supported the rich and hurt the entrepreneurs. He also argued that it hurt the poor and that it was unconstitutional. So he got a guy to take money out of the National Bank and put it in the other smaller banks. In 1833 Jackson shut down the bank.

When Jackson became president, there were hundreds of thousands of Indians that lived in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida. The Native Americans did their best to try to please the American people. They adopted many white customs to keep their land. The Cherokee tribe made their own language, had their own newspaper, and a constitution modeled after the U.S. But Jackson still sent soldiers to take them out of their land.

Those are all of the reasons why Jackson was a bad person.

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