Is Andrew Jackson Good or Bad President?

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Is Andrew Jackson Good or Bad President?

This essay will critically evaluate the presidency of Andrew Jackson, discussing his policies, leadership style, and his controversial legacy in American history. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Andrew Jackson.

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Ask yourself is Andrew Jackson good or bad? Did he do the right things? Is Andrew Jackson A hero or a villain?Andrew Jackson in my opinion is a bad person but don’t get me wrong he did do good things.He was the president but not a very good one in my opinion. Also i think that his childhood reflected on him as he got older. I think if he was going through tromas he would have been a better person.

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But at the same time i think it is kinda a good thing because he made people fear him and respect him. But he also hurt people and killed people.

Andrew Jackson, when he was president, if he wanted to do something he would do it right then and there. He didn’t care about other people’s opinion. He was very uncompromising even if it was a wrong thing to do he still did it. I feel like Jackson was addicted to make tariffs in my opinion. Jackson wanted to do his own thing. He Replaced every one who knew what they were doing for more younger and loyal people. Causing the spoil system.

The cherokees helped Jackson defeat the red sticks and made them surrender. But Jackson still was trying to kick them off their land after they helped him. He wanted their land for white settlers, they wanted to remove the Indians because apparently they were more civilized. In my opinion means he wouldn’t have to worry about the indians if they were civilized. This was called the indian removal, He wanted all the Indians to leave causing the trail of tears.

The trail of tears happen when he removed the Indians. They had to walk to the north or the west i do believe but not positive. Anyways, they had to walk in bad conditions and some people didn’t make it. It was really hard for them because they were all struggling and Andrew Jackson was just waiting on the white people to do their thing by taking over the indians land, while the indians are dying. Apparently, he is a hero letting people die because he has a grudge against them.

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