Was President Andrew Jackson a Supervillain

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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President Andrew Jackson is seen by many as a supervillain who was a bad president and role model in many different ways. But all of the supposed “evil” or “unethical” things that Jackson did all had reasoning behind it, and as a result, all had a positive outcome. President Andrew Jackson paid off all national debt and removed a bank that would only serve to make the rich wealthier, given suffrage rights to the common people, and made sure that the U.

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S. stays together. President Andrew Jackson’s presidency made a lot of change happen for the better.President Andrew Jackson is the only president to pay off all national debt and kill a corrupt bank.

“ He [Jackson] thought it was unconstitutional. Secondly, he believed that it gave too much power over the American economy to this group of private bankers, who would have their own interests, rather than the interests of the country as a whole.” Says a historian from Andrew Jackson kills the BANK. The second Bank of the United States did indeed have non-elected officials running it. Officials who don’t owe anything to the country almost always will become corrupt with desire and greed to make themselves wealthier or more powerful, so Jackson’s decision to make war with the bank is the right one. Another quote from the same video says “To put pressure on Jackson, Biddle made life difficult for small businessmen. Raising interest rates, refusing loan requests, and increasing foreclosers.” Just the fact that an official from a bank will act so foolishly immature is enough reason to close it. That added with the fact that the bank will only serve the already rich makes the whole system unconstitutional. Furthermore, The Bank’s president, Nicholas Biddle, was in partnership with Henry Clay, a candidate for the coming election. Because of this, the bank is doing everything it can do to defeat Andrew Jackson. “He said to Van Buren, ‘The bank is trying to kill me but I will kill it.’” a historian in Bank Wars quotes.

Andrew Jackson saw the bank as not only as his political enemy but the enemy of the people, so he had to vanquish it for multiple reasons.President Jackson also spread democracy to the common people. John Peterson from classroom.synonym.com wrote, “Jackson believed in a democracy ruled by the common man, and his policies of extended suffrage and anti-banking demonstrated this belief.” Andrew Jackson was the first to extend suffrage rights and start an era called Jacksonian democracy. He also said,” Prior to the Jacksonian democracy, typically only property-owning males were allowed to vote, and the wealthy tended to control elections. During the Jacksonian era, voting rights almost everywhere extended to all free males.” If not for Andrew Jackson, the common man still might not be able to vote today. The rich would control politics and government, and we would live in a world where the people’s voices aren’t heard. John Peterson also pointed out that he didn’t extend suffrage to slaves or women. That’s true, but those issues won’t be resolved until a couple of hundred years later, so Jackson resolving those issues at such an early time is not probable.Another reason why President Jackson was great: He kept the union together, and promoted people of color as well. Now, I hear all of you saying,” But didn’t a lot of Presidents do that? *cough* Abraham Lincoln *cough*” Now that is true, but Jackson kept together a whole nation that was just itching to get away from each other. In infobaselearning.com, Jill Kauffman wrote about the nullification crisis and how South Carolina tried to secede from the union. Government officials (Jackson) proposed a compromise and avoided the start of a civil war. In infobaselearning.com, it shows a letter from Andrew Jackson to the African American people of Louisiana. The letter tells the free African Americans to serve in the War of 1812.

This is Andrew Jackson trying to make people of color more common in everyday lives. “Okay, but didn’t he own a lot of slaves?” you say. True, but almost every rich and powerful people back then had slaves. It was a norm, and Andrew Jackson wants to fit in, like anyone.Even after people have heard the reasoning behind President Andrew Jackson’s actions, some people still believe that he is a ruthless “king” that should not be honored on the 20 dollar bill. For example, people hate Andrew Jackson for laying the groundwork for the trail of tears. James Fester in History vs. Andrew Jackson rebuts this beautifully. “President Jackson truly believed it was best for the Indians to get compensated for their land and move out west, where there was plenty of space for them to keep living the way they were accustomed. Rather than stick around and keep butting heads with the white settlers. Some of whom, I remind our court, wanted to exterminate them outright.” President Andrew Jackson was hated because of the change he caused. But change can be for the better, making Andrew Jackson deserving to be on the 20 dollar bills we carry around today. James Fester in History vs. Andrew Jackson said ”So you admit that Mr. Jackson sacrificed moral principles to achieve some political goals?[Another lawyer] I do declare, show me one leader who hasn’t.

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