Mistakes of Andrew Jackson’s Presidency

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Mistakes of Andrew Jackson’s Presidency

This essay will examine the controversial aspects of Andrew Jackson’s presidency. It will discuss his policies and actions, such as the Indian Removal Act and his stance on the National Bank, analyzing the negative impacts and the criticisms leveled against his administration. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Andrew Jackson.

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President Andrew Jackson is one of the most controversial presidents in the history of our nation. Accused as the first President to misuse his power to veto. He was essential the driving force that led to thousands of Native Americans dying from the Indian Removal Act. Even his underlying stance on politics has been questioned, throughout his presidency he claimed to be a leader of the common man, yet the only common man that was supported was Anglo-American men. However, his contributions and misuse of power did have some benefits to the future of America.

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His campaign efforts in 1824 brought to light that even if you win the popular vote, it does not mean that you are President. His campaign showed the corrupt system, and his 1828 campaign showed his distrust in the American political system. His tariffs while in office were for the most part with good intentions, though they had flaws and only divided the North and South more.

The Bank of the United States was enemy number one for President Jackson. He Vetoed more bills than any of his predecessors. The veto came from the underlying issue that the government should not be in control of the economic system in America and Jackson did everything he could to maintain that. His abuse of power to veto the bills that would stand up a monopoly within the American system is one of the greatest contributions throughout his time as President. Although at the time the general public agreed that the Bank of the United States was wrong and possibly unconstitutional, the veto caused a major panic in 1837.

Throughout the 19th Century many Native Americans tried to co exists with the culture in America. In 1830 Jackson forced many of the Native Americans west of the Mississippi. This opened the country up significantly and allowed more room for crash crops in the south. The thousands of American Indians that died in the Trail of Tears caused an uprising in 1832. The passing of the Indian Removal act did obtain more land for America to settle, although the cost was grave.

Around this same time period, as the South was growing, so was an industrial revolution happening in the North. Congress and President Jackson thought certain taxes should be paid to assist with the industrial growth. Unfortunately, these tariffs only really effected the southern states. When the southern states refused to pay the taxes as it would bleed them dry the leader of our nation said he would make them pay by force. This was a major issue between the North and the South and ultimately led to a compromise that most southern states still refused to pay.

Before Jackson became president, before the age of the common man, no president had been elected as they are today. The way we campaign still to this day was influenced because of the elections between 182-1828. “No candidate won the majority of the electoral votes, so, according to the Constitution, the House of Representatives had to choose the winner out of the top 3 candidates. Henry Clay was eliminated because he received the 4th most votes. Being the Speaker of the House, though, he did have much say in who became president. Clay convinced the House to elect John Quincy Adams as president. Adams agreed to make Clay the Secretary of State for getting him into office. The public felt that a “corrupt bargain” had taken place because Andrew Jackson had received the popular vote”

The United States of America has been influenced by many Presidencies throughout history but President Jackson maybe one of the controversial influencers of them all. Throughout his presidency he seems to take a wrong turn every step of the way. The Indian Removal Act allowed America to settle more land, but he killed thousands in the process. His legislation on taxation caused the nation to thrive during the industrial revolution but also divided America down the middle. He brought to light the age of the common man but has been ridiculed as a hypocrite, even by his own party, on his policies. The elections that occurred during this time period changed the landscape of the political seen. To this day President Andrew Jackson has never stopped influencing the lives of Americans.

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