Presidency of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson

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Thomas Jefferson had several goals already set after being elected as the third president of the United States of America. Jefferson was a famous spokesperson for Democracy and was very big on keeping individual liberties. Andrew Jackson went through many controversial events but still made it out as one of the most important presidents. Jackson changed a few things during his presidency but still managed to keep everything rolling good.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson also expanded the United States if America by purchasing the Louisiana territory from Napoleon Bonaparte making it 2x larger than what it already was. Lastly he abolished the Slave Trade which meant no new slaves were able to be imported into the US.

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Andrew Jackson was able to achieve many things while being president but out of all the events these are the most important: The Nullification Crisis, Symbolizing the Common Man, and Founder of the Modern Democratic Party. Jackson solved the Nullification Crisis by signing the Compromise Tariff (a tariff to protect the industry in the north). He symbolized the “common man” and provided greater democracy for white men which was known as the “Jacksonian Democracy”. Jackson and his crew founded the Democratic Party which plays a big role in today’s politics.

One of the biggest conflicts faced by Thomas Jefferson was when Great Britain and France were at war. They started harassing US merchant ships which led Jefferson to set the Embargo Act. This act stopped the US from trading with foreign countries. Jefferson also tried to stay neutral with other countries but still ended up going to war with Britain in 1812. He also struggled with the Marbury vs Madison, one of the most important court cases back then. Jefferson had to deal with Federalists and Republicans struggles.

When Andrew Jackson placed the Indian Removal Act many Americans opposed of this decision which made this event controversial. Another issue was the Webster-Hayne debate, this debate brought out opposed opinions from Americans about westward expansion. Jackson offered the Tariff of 1832 but many southerners didn’t think it was the right thing to do due to how high the tariffs were.

What I noticed was that Thomas Jefferson faced problems that he tried to avoid or problems that didn’t even interest him. Jefferson wouldn’t start any conflicts without having an important reason. Unlike Jefferson, Andrew Jackson would take risky decisions that would either bring the good or bad opinions from his people. Most of the time it would bring the bad out of people but changed the US in a good way. Andrew placed the Indian removal act

In my opinion Andrew Jackson was the most successful. He might’ve been through many conflicts but still changed a few things making the US better. For example, Andrew Jackson founded the Democratic Party which is still important to this day. Thomas Jefferson also did things like this like making the Constitution. The book didn’t include as many achievements with Thomas Jefferson as it did with Andrew Jackson.

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