Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson

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My paper is about the challenges Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson faced and how they got past the challenges.My paper is also about the differences and similarities between Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson.My paper is also about the views Jackson and Jefferson had.

Just like every president Thomas Jefferson faced challenges and Thomas Jefferson had some achievements.Thomas won the 1800 election against John Adams. Thomas wanted the people to see him as one of the people.However,John Adams before he left office put as many Federalist in the court as possible.This made it very hard for Jefferson to get anything past the court.I thought that this was very unfair.

Andrew Jackson had challenges and achievements just like Thomas Jefferson.Andrew Jackson won popular vote.However he did not win the Electoral college election.Therefor Andrew Jackson accused John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay of corrupt bargain.After this happened the Democratic-Republicans split in two.The supporters of Andrew Jackson were called Democrats and his opponents were called Whigs.

Thomas Jefferson had some achievements.His first achievement is when he made the movement for the Revolution of 1800,and he did this without any violence.Thomas Jefferson’s second achievement is when he made the Louisiana purchase. I think this was a smart thing to do because it got the United States more land,it gave more people the opportunity to explore and eventually get the United States more land,and it gave Americans control of the Mississippi River.His third achievement when he made the Embargo Act. The Embargo Act was made when the British and France were in war and both of them were attacking American ships.The act said that American ships can’t trade with the european nations.Thomas Jefferson made the Embargo Act so Americans didn’t have to go to war.I think this was a very smart move.

Andrew Jackson had some achievements.His first achievements was how he introduced different ways to campaign.For example he introduced popular rallies,parades,and nominating conventions.Another one of his achievements is how he changed the voting rights.Andrew Jackson made it where you had to be a white man but you did not have to own any land. The third achievements of Andrew Jackson also led the United States forces in the Creek War against the Native Americans.

Thomas Jefferson had some challenges but he found solutions for them. One of his challenges was how he was a Democratic-Republican and the courts had many Federalist and the court would shut down most of his ideas.Another challenge he faced was when British and France were in a war and none of them wanted to trade the United States.Thus causing him to make a quick decision to make the Embargo Act.The third challenge he faced was when he ordered James Madison,the Secretary of State,not to deliver the commissions to William Marbury.

Just like Thomas Jefferson Andrew Jackson faced challenges.One of these challenges he faced was the tariff issue of 1828 and South Carolina said it was unconstitutional,and this led to Andrew Jackson’s nullification. Another challenge he faced was when he got rid of the national bank because it only benefited the wealthy and he did not like that.The third challenge he face was when he forced the Cherokee Indians to move,known as the Trail of Tears.He wanted them to leave because he thought that the Cherokee Indians would team up with the United States enemies.

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson had very different challenges.A challenge Thomas Jefferson faced was when he had to make the Embargo Act.A challenge that Andrew jackson faced was when he moved the Cherokee Indians,but they are very different because Jefferson decided to make it more peaceful.Jackson made his more violet.Another challenge that Jefferson had was when he was in office and the courts was filled with Federalist.Another challenge Jackson faced was when he got rid of the national bank.Jefferson did not like that all his ideas were being turned down,but he just dealt with it.Jackson didn’t like hat national bank,but unlike Jefferson he took charge and got rid of it.Jefferson challenge was when he didn’t have the papers delivered to William.Jackson’s challenge was the nullification.Jefferson did this to help him in the court problem he had,Jackson did the nullification to help other people.

Even though both Jefferson and Jackson wanted the same thing to try to improve the United States. I think Thomas Jefferson was the most successful president.I think he was successful because in the book it says that “The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the nation,”and in my opinion I think this was a good accomplishment and helped the United States more.

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