Andrew Jackson’s and Thomas Jefferson Presidency

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the Following essay i will be discussing about thomas jefferson and andrew jackson’s presidency.The challenges they faced, along with the achievements they accomplished and the comparisons of them both,following that who in my opinion was the most successful president and why.

Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency.

Thomas jefferson, born april 13 1743,won the election of 1800.Became president in the following year which was 1801.He was the third president of the United states.During the course of his presidency he thought that “the best government was the one governed the least”.

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One of Thomas jefferson’s wishes were to expand the United states west ward.He sent envoys to france to negotiate the right to send goods down to the mississippi river to New Orleans.One thing he was opposed to was the special privileges for the wealthy and had strong sympathies for the common farmer.Thomas jefferson pushed the embargo act through congress.

Thomas Jefferson’s Achievements.

Along with the fact that Thomas had won the election he also Achieved a few things. The Louisiana Purchase 1803, was one of them. In the course of this america in other words jefferson had bought have of the french territories.Thomas wasn’t sure if what he was doing was allowed given the constitution.The Louisiana Purchase was a good impact on the nation.This purchase had helped farmers to ship their goods and get their money for it. Along with that he also had the Embargo act. I had mentioned it in the beginning but let me explain what it was. The Embargo Act was something Thomas jefferson pushed through congress. He wanted american ships to be prohibited from trading with the european nation. Since jefferson had chosen to do that so late in his presidency they ended up changing it.Which led to the Revolution of 1800. This was one of his achievements because this was a transition that did not have any founds.

3 Challenges Thomas Jefferson Faced.

Even tho jefferson appears to have a perfect presidency he did have to face some challenges. The Impressment was the one were pressure was put on thomas jefferson. Americans were greatly humiliated and thomas had to take action. The Non Intercourse act was another challenge he faced. This act lifted the embargo act on the shipping of the United States, Except the bounds of ships to the french or british.Which now leads me to the last challenge. The famous louisiana purchase(1803). Thomas jefferson was a bit uncertain of buying this land since he didn’t know if the government allowed the federalist to buy new land. And not knowing he went along with the purchase.

Andrew Jackson’s Presidency

Enough of Thomas Jefferson for now. Let’s move on to the part where most things were challenges and not accomplishments. Andrew Jackson born March 15 1767, He was the hero of 1812 and he won the popular vote, but unfortunately he fell short in the electoral college to win the election.In the year 1828 he won the election. Most of his supporters were common people like frontiremern farmers and labor workers.Jackson started early. By that i mean he created the “expansion of democracy” and along with that he created 2 terms in the office. He saw an expansion in the american democracy.What andrew jackson’s presidency was mostly based of was the “the Trail of Tears”, “the nullification crisis” “war on the banks” “the indian removal act” “jacksonian democracy” and election of 1828.

Andrew jackson’s Achievements

Andrew jackson had a few accomplishments and one of them was the indian removal act. The indian removal act happened in 1830 and what andrew did was he got rid of all of the native americans in the east of the mississippi river. One of the many achievements he had was also “the age of the common man” which was also something he thought he was part of.Andrew jackson thought he was someone that represented the common people since he was like them once.On to the last but not the biggest the Nullification crisis this was a force act. Calhoun’s went through with the nullification theory

By now you should now that andrew was the most brightest president of the united states.Jackson had a time during his presidency that he declared war on the banks. The reason to all of this was because andrew thought that by saving banks the only benefited ones were the wealthy ones and he didn’t think that was fair sdo he got rid of most of them.The tariff of 1828 was led by spoke men against the tariffs, in a way they just thought that it wasn’t fair that they had to pay for their own goods. The indian removal act was the most drastic one. Jackson wanted to remove all of the cherokees from the west or they had to adopt the western ways. Knowing them they just thought it wasnt tariffs al all so they refused to do so. They appeared with their case in georgia,the supreme court had given them the opportunity to stay but andrew did not agree with that so he forced the cherokees top leave to clear land. Which caused the trail of tears in which many cherokees died along the way.

Andrew jackson went through the indian removal act which was him getting rid of all the indians so he could have more clear land. Thomas jefferson had the louisiana purchase which was also something he wanted to do. As he was doing so he was uncertain of his doing he wasn’t sure if the federalist were allowed to buy new territories.clueless he still bought the land.
Andrew Jackson had the “jackson declares war on the banks,This was mostly andrew wanting to get rid of the banks because he thought it only benefited the wealthy so he got rid of them to make it fair.Thomas jefferson went through the impressment which was a great humiliation for the americans. it had putten pressure on thomas jefferson to take action The last challenge Thomas jefferson faced was the non intercourse act which was the lifted act that got rid of thomas jefferson’s embargo act.Andrew jackson on the other hand had the tariffs of 1828 which was in short words a leading of spoke men against the tariff because i mean who would want to pay for their own goods. you give goods you receive goods:).

In my opinion thomas jefferson was better of a president because he had more successes than challenges.The louisiana purchase was something he went through in order to accomplish a dream. He might or might not know of the constitution not allowing the federalist side to buy new land teritoriebi the went along with it which was an accomplishment.The embargo act was stopping the us ships to be trading with the europeans and by leading through with this act he stopped a war from becoming one.But unfortunately the non intercourse act had been chosen before he left the presidency. In conclusion to all this the united states isn’t what it is now if it weren’t for andrew jackson and thomas jefferson.
Thomas jefferson had a great run at the presidency along with andrew jackson.

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