History of Andrew Jackson Presidency

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Throughout Andrew Jackson presidency a lot of people thought he was a bad person. But in my opinion I think he was a good president because all of the decisions he made were for his people but some I don’t think they were. But I do believe he had a hard life when he was younger. For instance he was born without a father then shortly after his mother died too. Jackson also had two brothers that died from diseases and British prisons.

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He was an orphan. So he grew up having to decide how he wanted to be when he was older.

The reason I think that Andrew Jackson was a good president because he did many things for this country that most people probably didn’t see or understand in his point of view. But Jackson was viewed for a bad person for some of the things he did such as, owning slaves and started a riot at his first inauguration. However in 1824 Jackson got the most electoral votes against John Quincy Adams along with John H. Crawford. He did win the most popular votes for president three times. Although Andrew Jackson did start the Indian Removal Act he got them to more to a spot to where they would have their own land and so they wouldn’t have to fight with people. The African Americans walked the Trail of Tears. It was a very hard, long, and painful walk to their new home.

When he finally became president he started this thing called the spoil system. Many people hated him for it because he got rid of all old people and bring new ones in. Although he did that it was to get new ideas and new people. Andrew Jackson hated the National Banks because he said that is was unconstitutional and hurt the poor. And Jackson remove all the federal deposits because he caused a lot of damage and it made problems for the bank in the future.

Many people did see Andrew Jackson as a bad person in many ways. For example they saw him as a bad person because, of the Indian Remove act, spoil system, nullification crisis. The nullification crisis was when the South thought that they should be able to nullify the tariff. The South was mad because of the nullification crisis because the South was having to pay the taxes. Then the Southern states threatened to leave the union when Jackson said to send an army to South Carolina. Then the Southern States backed down. People thought that he was a bad president for the spoil system because it was about when Jackson gets rid of a group of workers that don’t support you and get people that support him.

Jackson was for the poor and not for the rich like most higher people did. People had their opinions about Andrew Jackson but he still keep being who he wanted and what he wanted to do. But I do believe that he was a good president, general, and person altogether. Weather he had a hard life or not I still think that he would turn out the way he did now.

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