Andrew Jackson Biography

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Andrew Jackson was a man of the people. He was born in the back woods of Tennessee in a wooden cabin. At a very young age he was left as an orphan. He helped soldiers fight. At a young age he was a troublemaker. Jackson served in the years of 1829-1837. When he served there was a lot of question about if he was democratic or not. Even though he was not the greatest president he had still democratic thoughts. Andrew Jackson shows democracy in the spoil system with his cabinet, with the Indian removal act by expanding his nation, and the national bank by destroying it.

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The spoil system was one of the ways that made Andrew Jackson democratic because he put the right people into office to make the decisions with him. These people were put into office to make the right decisions for his nation. He personified his own cabinet of the men he trusted. His cabinet sometime met in the kitchen. Because of this his cabinet was known as the kitchen cabinet. Andrew Jackson made sure that they were doing the best for the nation. Jackson hired the common man for his cabinet.

The Indian Removal act has many people thinking if Andrew Jackson was democratic or not. Many people did not think that this act was democratic but he did the right thing for his nation. But even though the Supreme Court said that the Cherokee could stay in Georgia but Jackson knew that the Indians were going instinct. (Doc 8) For the good of his own nation he send the Indians on the trail of tears. Andrew Jackson did the right thing to expand his nation to the western part of the Louisiana territory that was owned by the United States.

Andrew Jackson helped the common man by destroying the national bank. The national bank was only helping the rich man. The common man were not benefiting from the national bank. The president of the national bank was Nicholas Biddle. In 1833 Jackson announced that that there would no longer be any federal money going to the national bank. Nicholas Biddle was curious so he hired Henry Clay an enemy of Andrew Jackson to fight on his side. Andrew Jackson later destroyed the national bank or the monster as he said. This act showed that Andrew Jackson cared for the common man of his nation.

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