Andrew Jackson: Political Way

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Andrew Jackson lived a rough life. He grew up poor in a log cabin in Tennessee. Sadly he also grew up a orphan. Eventually during the war of 1812 Andrew Jackson would defend New Orleans in a stunning victory this would eventually lead to him becoming the seventh United States President. He did many things during his presidency that people would call democratic while others would not. In this essay you will learn all about this famous president and his actions as president of the United States.

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First, Andrew Jackson during his presidency removed many Native American can tribes for the good of the nation. This is democratic because back in the days of Andrew Jackson many people wanted the native’s land for their own. He listened and forced them all to reservations west of the Mississippi. Like before the Indians weren’t considered people so it was fine. According to document 8 “setting apart an ample district west of the Mississippi….. if they remain within the limits of the state they must be subjected to its law.”

This was Andrews Jackson’s message to Congress regarding the Indians. This shows that he is fair and knows that he is making life hard forcing them to move but he also sets aside land for them. Andrew Jackson regarding the Indian removal was democratic because the Indians weren’t considered people and he was fair to them even with that in mind.

Second, the spoil system while controversial is democratic. The spoil system is when people are fired and elected to their respected jobs through their support on the now president. This is democratic because they are elected through the democratic process. Also people elected the president which means he already has the people’s support. This system does have its downfalls however this is most prevalent in document which states “Swartwout…had criminal tendencies…which Jackson ignored…Swartwout ended up stealing a couple million which embarrassed Jackson..” In conclusion, while the spoil system rewards people for their support of a certain person it can also be used for bad things like in Swartwout case. This system is democratic because it has the people’s support and democracy according to the definition is about the people’s support and representation.

Lastly, during Andrew Jackson’s presidency he fought in a new type of war. A bank war. He was going up against the second national bank of the United States which he strongly hated. He hated this bank because he thought it catered to the rich and because it screwed over the common man from which he came from. During this “war” several tricks were used. Eventually they convinced the head of the bank, Nicolas Biddle, to resubmit his charter early which Andrew Jackson vetoed. His enemies thought this would turn the people against him.

It only strengthen the people’s support. The bank died when the charter ran out. The monster, which people called the bank, had been slain. This whole ordeal was democratic because it was what the people wanted. They strongly disliked the national bank because it limited loans small banks could loan which affected the majority of the populace. Democracy is defined as a representation for the people which Andrew Jackson showed in this war.

Andrew Jackson while controversial showed great respect for democracy and the common man from where he started out his life. He did many things that still affect us today. For example. removing the Native Americans from their land, while sad, allowed more people to settle there and boosted the population of those states. Don’t forget about the bank which no longer sets limits on loans. Andrew Jackson was democratic for the sole reason of doing what the people wanted and helping out the common man.

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