Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson: Presidential Analysis

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Thomas Jefferson’s presidency

Thomas jefferson presidency began on March 4,1801.Jefferson was the third president of the united states.With Jefferson being in the Democratic-republican party and him winning the election of 1800 made the Democratic-Republican party bigger.Jefferson’s biggest foreign affair was the gigantic Louisiana Purchase from France 1803.Jefferson founded the University of Virginia.

Andrew Jackson’s presidency

Andrew Jackson stole the election of 1824 he saw himself as a representative of the Common Man.Jackson favored the spoils system replacing government officials with his own supporters.

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Jackson proposed the Indian Removal Act in 1830.Jackson opposed the Second National Bank.

Thomas Jefferson’s achievements and impact on the U.S

Thomas Jefferson purchase Louisiana territory from France and gave the United States More land.Jefferson established a military academy and used the Navy to protect Merchant ships.Jefferson won his second term election with the Democratic Republican Party making it well-known and bigger.

Andrew jackson’s achievements and impact on the U.S

Andrew Jackson’s political Whig party favored the use of federal power to modernize economic support through banking.Jackson what is the main founder of the Democratic Party and the party is now a major party in elections.The Jacksonian democracy led to Greater democracy for the Common Man.

Challenges faced by Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was one of the first presidents who has to deal with one of America’s first major foreign policies. Thomas Jefferson wanted to lower taxes so elect Congress to issue the Embargo Act of 1807 to stop American ships and goods from any foreign trade. Barbary Pirates in North Africa we’re attacking American ships so Jefferson is the Navy to protect the ships.

Challenges faced by Andrew Jackson

Many people felt that Andrew Jackson acted as a monarchy from the rules he made.Jackson proposed the Indian Removal Act in 1830 the Cherokees refused to do so and appealed their case to the Supreme Court,the court again ruled in favor of the Cherokees.When Jackson opposed the Second National Bank and him withdrawing funds and refusing to renew its character many people didn’t like that.

Comparing Challenges face by Jefferson and to those of Jackson

The challenges faced by Jeffersons to those faced by Jackson, are different in some ways because Jefferson’s main challenges we’re outside of the United States in Jackson was dealing with this challenges that were inside of the United States.

Most successful president in my opinion

In my opinion I think after the research I’ve done the most successful president is Thomas Jefferson because he helped the United States get more land he also Also opposed special privileges for the wealthy and headstrong sympathy for the common farmer and as president he helped reduce the size the army ending Naval expansion and lowering government costs.

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