Andrew Jackson VS Thomas Jefferson

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Updated: Jan 18, 2024
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Andrew Jackson VS Thomas Jefferson

This essay will compare the presidencies and political philosophies of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson. It will contrast their views on democracy, federal power, and individual liberties, examining the impact of their policies and leadership on the course of American history. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Andrew Jackson.

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Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were both presidents but both had different views on how to run the country. They both had different achievements and challenges.

Thomas Jefferson was the third president, he was elected in 1801. Jefferson believed that the best government was the one that governed least. He was a Democratic Republican, he favored states rights. He did not like special privileges for the wealthy, he was more concerned about the common farmers. Jefferson wanted to lessen the size of the army and end naval expansion and also lowering government cost.

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Andrew Jackson was the seventh president, he was elected president in 1829. Jackson believed in a strong central government. He was a Democrat, he favored state rights. Jackson wanted more power in the executive branch. To the people he was known as the “Common Man” because he was not born to wealth. Most people related to Jackson in that way making him very popular.

Thomas Jefferson had many achievements during his presidency, such as the Louisiana Purchase. This impacted the nation by doubling the size of the United States. It also gave the United States control over the port of New Orleans and provide territory for westward expansion. Another great achievement is the Lewis and clark exposition. This achievement affected the nation by finding unknown territory and also finding Native Americans. The last achievement Is the stopping of the problem of the Tripoli Pirates of North America. They were disrupting the American shipping in the Mediterranean. Jefferson forced the pirates to surrender by positioning new American warships.

While Andrew Jackson was President he had many achievements such as Jacksonian Democracy. Jackson created a new form of campanining, politics became a activity of ordinary citizens. Another Achievement Jackson had made was changing voting rights. No longer did you have to be a white male that owns property to vote. Now any white male could vote. Lastly Jackson’s most controversial achievement was the Indian Removal Act. This act forced thousands of Native Americans to unwillingly relocate. This act caused the Trail of Tears In which thousands of Native Americans lost their lives due to diseases and hypothermia.

Thomas Jefferson also faced many different challenges such as Him being a democratic-republican. The courts had many Judges who were Federalists that blocked his ideas. Another issue that Jefferson dealt with is relationship with other countries. Britain and France were at War at the time and neither of them wanted to trade with each other that was interfering our trade system. Thomas Jefferson had to deal with stopping the midnight appointments made by John Adams. Adams had appointed many different Federalists judges just before he left office. Thomas Jefferson ordered his Secretary of State James Madison to stop the midnight appointments that had not been made.

Andrew Jackson also faced various different challenges such as reforming of the Whig party. The Whig party gained control of Congress and attempted to weaken Jackson. Another big challenge Jackson faced during his presidency was the Nullification Crisis. South Carolina wanted to nullify the tariff because it would hurt their economy. Andrew Jackson did not like that South Carolina wanted to nullify the tariff because he thought they were rebelling against him. Lastly the National Bank,Jackson was not in favor the National Bank. He sought to not renew the charter witch lead to the bank war.

Jackson and Jefferson both had similar challenges. Political parties wanted to over through them. For Jackson it was the Whig party. They formed as soon and Jackson took ofice, and tried to stop him and attempted to weaken him. For Jefferson it was the Federalist party. The Federalist opposed a lot of Jefferson’s ideas in court. And all so tried to weaken Jefferson.

In my opinion I think Thomas Jefferson is the most successful because Jefferson was much more kind to the Native Americans then Jackson was. Jackson also ignored the Supreme Court and his hatred for the National Bank caused the creation of hundreds of state chartered banks which messed up the economy. However Jackson and Jefferson both helped make the United States what it today.

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