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The Development of the Logo and the Company of the Nintendo

“Nintendo” the kanji character is “?? ‚”, it means “leave fate to heaven.” (Brian Ashcraft) However, the “Nintendo” in kanji character was not the “Nintendo” that I want to say that. It is a company’s name and it is also the logo of the company. As we all know, Nintendo is a game company which […]

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Sega Vs Nintendo Console Wars

“I think that the entertainment industry itself has a history of chasing success. Any time a hit product comes out, all other companies start chasing after that success and trying to recreate it by putting out similar products.”- Shigeru Miyamoto (E3 2007, Interview w/ Chris Kohler, Wired) This quote is reminiscent of the console wars […]

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Nintendo Switch Analysis

Company Background Nintendo was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi, originally the company produced homemade hanafuda, a form of playing cards that was popular in Japan at the time. For a bit over 60 years, the company existed primarily in the playing card space making incremental improvements such as creating plastic cards […]

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Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata

Satoru Iwata was the fourth president of Nintendo. He made the games Mother 3, Kirby,s Adventure, Mario Kart Wii, Wario World, Alcahest, Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Strikers Charged. One of the first games he worked on was Balloon Fight. Before talking to the development team, he announced Super Smash Bros. […]

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