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Video Game Essays

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Do Video Games Promote Violence?

Words: 1116 Pages: 4 10325

The Internet is rife with articles about the potentially harmful consequences of play. Psychologists and parents have been arguing the pros and cons of this topic for decades now namely whether video games encourage violence, social isolation and obesity, or on the other hand, promote cognitive growth, perception, care, memory and decision-making. Questions flood our […]

Topics: School Shooting, Video Game, Violence, Violence In Video Games

Fortnite for me

Words: 491 Pages: 2 4862

Fortnite has been out for a year now and it has changed a lot with the release of the Battle Royale edition which was released on September 26th of last year.From map changes to weapons being vaulted and new skins with new seasons being in the game. Which today marks the first day of Season […]

Topics: Fortnite, Video Game

Can Video Games Make you Smarter?

Words: 382 Pages: 1 7063

Video games make kids more intelligent. So many parents say that video games are bad for your brain. Little do they know that it has been proven that video games enhance your brain activity. Games like Fortnite, Destiny, Black Ops, Fallout, Skyrim, and Red dead Redemption can teach kids survival skills, what it is like […]

Topics: Video Game

Should Video Games be the Blame?

Words: 2357 Pages: 8 4236

Have people wondered, why does video games in general have a major impact in modern society? As stated, many humans enjoy these video games, notably the male demographic, for entertainment purposes; however, some would argue that violent video games, especially the first-person shooters (FPS), are the blame for the actions depicted in the game like […]

Topics: Video Game

What Happening to your Body while Playing Video Games?

Words: 904 Pages: 3 4708

Have you ever been comfortably relaxing playing any video games during your free time and wondered what is happening to your body while playing ? Majority would say video games would rot your brain, make you lazy or even become violent,but studies and even myself say otherwise. Video-Games have become a major part of kid’s […]

Topics: Adolescence, Brain, Nervous System, Neuroscience, Video Game
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Horror of Violence in Schools

Words: 1980 Pages: 7 4233

Violence in schools is really bad for students. In Central for Disease Control and Prevention it says “Acts of violence can disrupt the learning process and have a negative effect on students, the school itself, and the broader community.” Even though it will be bad for the people that are doing violent things but the […]

Topics: Adolescence, Bullying, School Violence, Social Issues, Video Game, Violence

Video Games Influence

Words: 747 Pages: 2 4573

Video games can cause people to do stupid things. Some show cannibalism. Games that show human organs and chopped up body parts. An example is Your Friend Pablo which is a video game that shows a butcher who kills and chops up his own workers and sells them to the public. These video games can […]

Topics: Video Game

Violence in Media

Words: 779 Pages: 3 4576

Researchers from Ohio State did a study where they showed one group of 8-12 year olds a movie where the characters used guns and another group a movie where the characters did not use guns. When the group that watched the movie with guns were handed a real, unloaded gun, they pulled the trigger on […]

Topics: Child, Media Violence, Video Game, Violence

How do Video-games Affect Child Development

Words: 894 Pages: 3 5004

We currently live in the age of rapid technological advancement where almost anyone has access to some form of technology. Video games, in particular, have been at the forefront of recreational entertainment in the past decade. The ubiquity of portable technology means that children are more likely to get ahold of a smartphone or laptop […]

Topics: Dyslexia, Video Game

Are Virtual Reality Becoming more a Part of our Reality than Before?

Words: 1347 Pages: 4 3922

Video games have been a part of the world’s culture for the past five or so decades and have affected many people’s lives. Since video games were first released commercially, we have seen the rise of many iconic characters from these games like Mario and Sonic. Although video games seem to be something to play […]

Topics: Innovation, Video Game, Virtual Reality

Why Video Games do not Lead to Individuals being Anti-social?

Words: 1059 Pages: 4 5038

While there is still much to learn about video games, it is a common misconception that video games are a large contributor to individuals becoming anti-social and developing an Antisocial Personality Disorder. In fact, this is the exact opposite of what happens behind the scenes when video games are played, especially for prolonged amounts of […]

Topics: Antisocial Personality Disorder, Video Game

Nintendo Switch Analysis

Words: 604 Pages: 2 4397

Company Background Nintendo was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi, originally the company produced homemade hanafuda, a form of playing cards that was popular in Japan at the time. For a bit over 60 years, the company existed primarily in the playing card space making incremental improvements such as creating plastic cards […]

Topics: Nintendo, Video Game

Stop Blaming Video Games

Words: 839 Pages: 3 4676

In today’s society, we are able to find violence and aggression everywhere; in magazines, on the TV, on social media, on video-sharing websites like Youtube as well as in video games. Yet, why are violent video games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed are assumed to be the largest source […]

Topics: Adolescence, Bullying, Video Game, Violence, Youth

About Problem of Violence and Video Games

Words: 2171 Pages: 7 3714

“The Columbine shooters played violent video games; that has to be a factor in their decision to brutally murder their classmates! Society is quick to point fingers and approach unknown situations with a causal mentality that often results in a false accusation of an innocent bystander. With the advent of the video game era, psychologists […]

Topics: Video Game, Violence, Violence In Video Games

Utilization of PC Innovation: Virtual Reality

Words: 976 Pages: 3 4240

Virtual Reality (VR) is the utilization of PC innovation to make a mimicked domain. In contrast to conventional UIs, VR places the client inside an ordeal. Rather than survey a screen before them, clients are submerged and ready to connect with 3D universes. By reenacting whatever number of faculties as could be allowed, for example, […]

Topics: Innovation, Video Game, Virtual Reality

Video Games in Education

Words: 1258 Pages: 4 4752

The use of a video game for education is a two-sided coin with each side pushing strong arguments for and against the use of them to teach and help students retain information. There is supporting research for both the detrimental effects of games and the real learning power they can foster. It is my belief, […]

Topics: Adolescence, Learning, Problem Solving, Video Game

How Video Games are Good and Bad for your Health?

Words: 839 Pages: 3 4786

Are video games good or bad for your health? I think video games would be good for your health because when I play video games I feel more relaxed and at ease than aggressive and mean. I think that some people only use it as a little getaway from the world which is fine as […]

Topics: Video Game

Violence and Video Games

Words: 2759 Pages: 9 4725

The latest debate that is long standing in country today is the big debate does or is video games harmful to our children. Do they allow our children to become harmful to their selves or others, there have been studies internationally looking at the ages from nine to nineteen from 2010 to 2017, over 17,000 […]

Topics: Adolescence, Attention, Brain, School Shooting, Video Game, Violence, Violence In Video Games

Advantages of Computer Games

Words: 686 Pages: 2 3777

Since the creation of video games, they took the world by storm, and now there are few households without a video game console, roughly 80% of Americans have a gaming system in their home that is being regularly used. In 2011, a study was conducted that determined roughly 91% of children between the ages of […]

Topics: Academic Research, Attention, Developmental Psychology, Human Nature, Neuroscience, Video Game

Video Game Industry

Words: 640 Pages: 2 4944

Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and others are among the video games that I play. They are consuming, interactive, competitive and fun. When I first started playing video games many, many, years ago, I played them all by myself. What is great now is that the games can be played with one, two or […]

Topics: Video Game

Fortnite as a Free-to-play Video Game

Words: 914 Pages: 3 4210

A. Attention Getter: In a raise of hands, how many people have heard about or played Fortnite? How many people have actually won a game in Fortnite? Fortnite is a free-to-play video game, developed by Epic Games, where you battle either alone, in duos, or in squads with friends in a fight to be the […]

Topics: Fortnite, Video Game

Teens should be Allowed to Play Video Games

Words: 403 Pages: 1 7289

In a research study that has been conducted on 1000 children among the age group 12-17, about 970 children play computer, web, portable, or console games (Lenhart et al., 2008). About 500 children said they played video games “”yesterday.”” Video games are being played by all age group and genders. There are enormous video games […]

Topics: Video Game

Why Violent Video Games is not the Reason for Violence

Words: 944 Pages: 3 6186

Even if people believe that video games has caused violence, video games has definitely brought new ways of benefiting the young minds. Since the 1970s, video games introduced a new way of entertainment for children and teens. Video games has produce a wide variety of games, ranging from peaceful and adventurous to violent and fast-paced. […]

Topics: Adolescence, School Shooting, Video Game, Violence, Violence In Video Games

Most Dangerous Game Character

Words: 1244 Pages: 4 3972

Many games have opinions said about them, split opinions more-so due to different tastes of gamers across the gaming community as a whole. Final Fantasy XIII is certainly a game and series that has split opinions, especially in the game community. Opinions like these can lead to the question, is it worth your time and […]

Topics: Characterization, Video Game

Do Violent Video Games Make you Violent?

Words: 749 Pages: 2 4147

A common myth about violent video games is the user is more prone to become violent along with a whole lot more issues like desensitization and many other things. Many think this because it has been a big bad wolf for the media blaming things like school shootings and other horrible things on violent video […]

Topics: Video Game

Fornite as a Popular Game

Words: 542 Pages: 2 3867

Fornite the game made by epic games has had a impact around the gaming community in total of today has had seven seasons in the game throughout these season it had a massive increase in popularity a lot of kids, teenagers even adults are playing fornite all around the whole world, basically each season they […]

Topics: Fortnite, Video Game

Why you should Play Fortnite

Words: 971 Pages: 3 5531

Fortnite Fortnite has taken the video game world by storm. Fortnite is on every console including PC and even on IOS and Android devices. Fortnite Battle Royale has been the most popular game globally since Epic Games, the developer, launched its trial in July of last year. Fortnite: Battle Royale is a Hunger Games-esk game […]

Topics: Fortnite, Video Game

Sega Vs Nintendo Console Wars

Words: 935 Pages: 3 3179

“I think that the entertainment industry itself has a history of chasing success. Any time a hit product comes out, all other companies start chasing after that success and trying to recreate it by putting out similar products.”- Shigeru Miyamoto (E3 2007, Interview w/ Chris Kohler, Wired) This quote is reminiscent of the console wars […]

Topics: Nintendo, Video Game

Are Video Games Good for You?

Words: 1114 Pages: 4 4560

A typical story told by parents is that staring at the TV too long can ruin your eyes or watching SpongeBob or any other cartoons make you dumber to steer their children from consuming hours of TV. People invest more time looking at screens from watching the series finale of their favorite show to surfing […]

Topics: Intelligence, Video Game

Benefit of Playing Video Games

Words: 2609 Pages: 9 6707

Video games are seen as a useless entertainment to many parents and even some educators believe that they damage a child’s brain. Over the years, violent video games have been blamed for leading people to a life of crime because they believe that games are the cause of kids becoming violent or develop an antisocial […]

Topics: Video Game, Violence
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