How Video Games are Good and Bad for your Health?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Are video games good or bad for your health? I think video games would be good for your health because when I play video games I feel more relaxed and at ease than aggressive and mean. I think that some people only use it as a little getaway from the world which is fine as long as they come back to the world rather than becoming anti-social. Which video games are good for communicating with each other? The ones that are multiplayer are the best, but if you do meet someone online you don’t really know, you should also be careful about what information you give out even though they seem honest, you never know anyone’s true intentions.

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Video games are good for your health in the following ways:

Improves leadership skills – it improves your leadership skills by the way the game puts players in situations where they have to make quick and fast decisions based on what’s happening in the game. For example, in any Telltale?„? game you have to make important decisions that alter the outcome of the game.

It’s a great source of learning – it boosts learning as you play the game. For example, if you are playing a game such as “”Assassin’s Creed,”” it tells a story of what has happened in history, thus, as you play, you get to know more about the character as you play in the environment around him.

Improves coordination – when playing an action packed game, it could improve coordination and reaction time. For example if you are playing a virtual reality game like basketball, you must react fast to make the play and win the game. It can also improve how you play basketball in real life.

Can help with anxiety – video games give people a way to escape from reality, gives you time to relax and get away from problems for a while at least I wouldn’t recommend getting away from the problem you are having for to long and not addressing it because then the stress will only get worse on you.

These are valid reasons why videogames are good for you.

Video games are bad for your health in the following ways:

Can become addicting – It can become addicting by having different objective and activities for you to do making you want and feel the need to continue to complete the activity/ objective. So let’s say you are playing a game and it’s a RPG like skyrim where you a made character in a open world map with endless things to do within the game new quests and multiple side quests. Which really immersed in the world of skyrim to being in the dark brotherhood or the thieves guild or even the main quest of the dragonborn. This all builds up your character to be the ultimate warrior.

Poor interpersonal skills – it can have people not wanting to really want to interact with people in real life.

Increases aggressive behavior – it can make you more aggressive by the you play like if your cursing and yelling at the game if you lose for example let’s say you’re playing a violent video game like GTA 5 so your out on the street of Los Santos and you got to have a car but the across the street has a car so you shoot him and take the car and drive off kill more people, maybe you might get influenced to do the same thing or maybe something like when your driving around and some dude pulls you out the so you pull out the glock and shoot him saying Bryce Bryce don’t play that because you named your character Bryce Bryce.

Avoiding problems – by not hitting problems head on instead people decide to lose themselves in the game world never want to come out because of the problem at hand. So let just say you have a bad report card and your mom finds out about your report card. So she yells at you instead of addressing that problem you go and get on a game instead of studying and doing better on the test you or your work. Not asking your teacher for help to better understand the material.

This is why video games are bad for you.

In conclusion, I think now after learning a bit more about the subject on how video games can affect your brain in good ways and bad ways. Video games to me might be more good than bad which make me think of video games like any other doctor’s prescription there are good effects and bad side effects. Sometimes the good effects can outweigh the bad and you may to the chance to play anyways because of what it has to offer as long as it makes you feel better people will take or use it. That’s why videogames games are good and bad for your brain and this is my opinion on why I think videogames are good for your health.

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