Batman Nightwalker

Madeline Wallace the notorious Nightwalkers boss’s sister soon to be Bruce’s biggest crush.

Bruce enters the Bellingham Hall benefit for his parents a celebration that he does year round only to find himself heated about a conversation with and old friend which causes him to leave. A distance from the benefit party Bruce finds himself driving around recklessly but, a police siren catches his attention he drives closer to the sound and he appears at a crime scene where a young female is suspected as the murderer at a mansion. As he sits in his new Aston Martin car he observes the crime scene curious about the situation only to find himself on pursuit of the white car leaving the crime scene with the Nightwalkers the antagonist, suspect in it. As a result of helping the police catch the suspects he gets 5 weeks of community service at Arkham Asylum where he meets his crush. After he finds a connection with the girl at Arkham the detective that assigned him to Arkham put him on the case to help bring down her group. The detective warned him about her but he constantly let her use him as a way to escape. His feelings could soon lead to the freedom of a notorious killer. After she escaped she left behind a note to Bruce thanking him for her escape which made him a number one suspect of Detective Draccon’s. When they arrived at the gate of Wayne Manor Bruce noticed that there was something off about the gate he knew that the Nightwalkers were inside and so was Alfred, Detective Draccon told Bruce to wait in the car but he insisted that he go in after her. He was right the Nightwalkers were in his home after fighting off two of the Nightwalkers the police had arrived the Nightwalkers had vanished into thin air. Later on, the next day Bruce woke up in the hospital and was arrested. When the news reported that there had been another Nightwalker killing of the Mayor which was the dad of Bruce’s old friend. Bruce and his old friend hadn’t been on good terms and they had recently fought so he thought the least thing Richard would want to do is talk on the phone. After looking up at the television from his cell he noticed something that was happening at the gala which was a hosted to present the new tech and software from Wayne Tech people were dressed in silver with the diamond logo just like the one that Madeleine the main character had left for him. It seemed quite strange because the party guest were dressed in all black. A few minutes later with nothing he could do to help his friend Harvey came to break him out. After leaving jail he visited Wayne Tech to get useful things that he’d need to bring the Nightwalkers to justice, as he enters an underground tunnel in the concert hall he finds himself making it all the way up to the stair case but then suddenly he had being knocked over the head with something seeing stars before he collapsed to the floor.

When he woke up Madeleine took him to a room where she began telling him how she felt, The big twist in the book she just kissed him out of nowhere her brother entered the room the Nightwalkers boss who everyone thought died as a young boy suggesting that she hurry up and get the access codes from him to his main bank account. Bruce leaves the room remembering that if his password had been entered wrong that it would disable his account along with the computer which means that they would no longer have control over the bots that was stopping GCPD from coming in. After Madeleine realized what he had done they rushed to the side entrance leading to the roof to escape along with her brother Bruce tried to prevent it from happening but it wasn’t quiet fair. When they made it to the top of the roof Cameron choked Bruce suffocating him Cameron ordered his sister to shoot Bruce but she wouldn’t a helicopter arose above them telling them to surrender Cameron pointed at Madeleine first but they shot him down as Madeleine watched and she also got hit presumed to be dead by Bruce. When she left to go to the hospital after the attack she escaped the hospital in the scatter of everyone and was last known to be leaving the airport to another country. In conclusion she faked the GCPD the whole time but also had feelings for Bruce which turned out to be a disaster but also helped in many ways without the useful clues that she left behind I don’t think they would’ve ever came close to tracking them down. This was my overall impression of the book I also think that the author did a great job bringing the characters to life I highly recommend this book to people who like comics or people desperate for a big twist at the end.

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