Batman is a Fictional Superhero

Batman is a fictional superhero who appears in the American comic books which are published by DC comics. Batman as a character was created by Bob Kane and first appeared on our screens in the detective comics. Batman unlike many superheroes does not possess any superpowers; instead he makes use of his genius intellect, martial art, physical prowess, science and technology, detective skills, vast sources of wealth, intimidation and indomitable will.

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He works to stop evil in the society which calls for him to break law sometimes (Wambheim, 2014). For him to fight criminals, he first frightens them before attacking them which makes him stand at the winning end. In his comic book, he is always dressed as a bat which acts a s a costume of scaring away any person that attempts to commit evil in the society. The fear by the criminals is also due to the fact that they are guilty in their conscience because what they are doing is wrong (Wambheim, 2014). Batman in his fight against evil uses torture and violence to stop the criminals. In most of his comic movies, he is always interacting with villains and cohorts.

In many of his movies, he is always facing foes ranging from common criminals to outlandish supervillians. As a character, batman is a strong man who has high standards of discipline and has ability to function under physical pain (Wambheim, 2014). He is a master of disguise and he is often gathering information under the identity of a notorious gang. He is committed to dealing with evil and he is hesitating to taking away a life. He is also a licensed pilot and flies the bat plane. In most of his was, he makes use of technology where we see him using high tech vehicles and gadgets in his war against crime (Wambheim, 2014).

The details of his costume have changed over the years through different stories and media. The most distinctive elements of his costumes that remain constant and helps in identifying between the official and unofficial images of batman include the scallop-hem cap, a cowl covering his face most of the times, a pair of bat- like ears, and a stylized bat emblem on his chest (Phillips, 40). Additionally, he is always having the ever present utility belt. Initially, the authors had designed batman to be having a black cape and a cowl and grey suit but later changed to black which is highlighted with blue (Phillips, 40). He keeps most of his filed equipment in the utility belt and we have different versions of the belt.

There are a number of unofficial images of batman which has flooded the internet over the years. In most of the images which are unofficial, he is portrayed as being taller than how he appears in the official images. His chin is always more distinct in official images as compared to the unofficial images (Wambheim, 2014). The real suit of batman is looks a little more weathered as compared to the unofficial images where his suit always look like a brand new attire which has not been used in any activity.

From the official images, we see that the actual cowl is black and not blue as it appears in many of the images in the internet. Also his attire in the official images in supposed to be grey. However, in the unofficial images, his attire appears to be black with blue as a shade. Additionally, from unofficial images, his eyes are portrayed as black with other shades while in the official images or the real batman, his eyes are white (Toh, 2010). In most of the unofficial images, batman always has black eyes which are due to the effects of makeup which looks cheap and destroys the whole effect of batman. The black eyes tries to imply that his has supernatural powers where else batman does not possess any super natural powers but instead uses his man power will and ability to subdue the evil people and carry out interrogative activities(Toh, 2010).

In the unofficial images, the utility is always exaggerated where it appears to be huge and with a lot of combat details while in the official images, the belt is not that detailed as it appears to be simple and black in color. In the unofficial images, the belt is also expanded in size and the images make it look heavy while it is just a simple utility belt in the official images (Toh, 2010). We see from the official images, his boots appear to just be plain without a lot of armor details. The boots also appears to be light in weight. In the unofficial images, this is completely the opposite. His boots has been pimped with a lot of details on the side and appears to be big and heavy. In the unofficial images, his boots has places of putting the fighting equipment which is not the case in the official images (Toh, 2010). The boots are just comfortable to enable him to chase the evil people who are committing crimes in the society and lack a lot of details so as not to attract a lot of attention when his is investigating crimes (Phillips, 40).

The pair of bat – like ears are also exaggerated in the unofficial images. The images make the ears look large as well as the badge that is always on his attire. The bat-like logo in the unofficial images is also pimped and has a lot of details. The logo appears to be a badge which has been placed on his chest while in the official images; the bat-like image is seen as part of his chest. In the unofficial images, bad man is seen having armor due to the fact that he is shot many times (Phillips, 32). This should not be the case as in the official images; batman does not have armor. He makes use of his martial skills as well as intelligent skills to fight and to keep off from trouble. He does not wear protective clothes even when he is confronting the criminals and he ends up being shot many times.

Many artists and unofficial movies have tried to portray him as a man with super powers and use them to deal with criminals like the ability to telepath as well as fly while in the real official images and movies, he is always fighting the urge to telepath. He uses his physical skills and martial arts as well as detective skills in catching and dealing with criminals (Phillips, 27). The official images of batman also portray his as a normal man with just a great physique and not a man with great fighter boots and black eyes that have super natural powers. His attire is also brown in color and cowl. He does not have those super natural hands and wears long black gloves.

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