Future of Video Games

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In many centuries, technology has been a big contributor to human history. It has helped humans advance in many different areas of life. It has provided us with the abilities to advance the human race, and gain more knowledge than our previous ancestors. Technology over the years has advanced rapidly. Not that long ago, the very first cell phone was an extraordinary invention that caught the world by storm. It helped talking with people from long distances remotely seem like a futuristic invention.

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Now we have smartphones that can almost run themselves. Our smartphones now can process better and faster, than our old computers 10 years ago.

I believe that technology is the most beneficial and fastest growing advancement in our economy today. Not only is technology beneficial for personal use, but also for medical advancements. Just like the very first cellphone, medical technology today has also shown to advance very rapidly. It has quickly shown to extend our lifetime and help treat and prevent diseases around the world.

I have researched many different types of technological advances. One specific technology that I found the most interesting is video games. As technology advances, Video games is one invention that has caught the attention of millions of people around the world. It is an invention that hasn’t even been around for more than 80 years. It is a technology that is still advancing rapidly and is only going to get better as computers process faster. Today, video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. It has many different forms, it can be played on your phone, computer, and a console. The console is by far the most popular, and there are three big console companies that manufacture these products. These manufacturers are Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. As every year technology advances, there are more capabilities in a console.

Since consoles are the most well-known form of playing a video game. In addition to consoles, on-demand gaming and cloud gaming is becoming more popular. Just like the music industry on-demand music and digital music has taken over. It is doing the same with video games. The overall population seeks its games within the consoles online store. Now you don’t have to go out and buy a video game. You can buy games in the comfort of your own home. Another form of video game that has been trending is virtual reality. Gamers now have the ability to play video games in a different form. Instead of playing using a TV, you can now play games with a headset. It is a 3D world simulation where you control the movements with your own body. This technology advancement is not only for video games but it is also suitable to watch TV and movies. VR is another technological advancement that can be improved as technological advances. It can have many different possibilities, instead of a video game. You can be in a book and become the main character. All these what ifs, is what makes the future of technology very interesting and we are far from reaching the end.

Another form of technology that is branched with VR is wearable technology. The watch, it is an old form of jewelry that has been around for centuries. With the advancements of technology, the Smartwatch is another way the video game industry has helped it succeed. Although the watch isn’t like a video game, it has been helping gamers and non-gamers stay fit. As gaming is traditionally viewed as a lazy hobby. Involving a lot of inactivity for long hours, it has shown to really help to get more gamers moving and involved with fitness. Fitness apps have helped get funding from the gaming community. It tracks your movement and workout sessions, all on the same computer on your wrist. This would seem impossible many years ago but it is amazing to see how far and fast technology is advancing.

Video games aren’t just a lazy hobby than many assume. It is a form of technology that is beneficial for different parts of the brain. Its an exercise for the body and the mind. They are many different benefits to video games. It helps increase grey matter in the brain. As well as, help refine learned and hardwired skills. It can also enhance your ability to learn. It can also improve your focus and attention. In some cases, it can even help you through depression. Even though many find video games controversial to your health. It can improve your life, but as always to everything, it is good only to a limit and not overdoing it.

To an average consumer, they might see video games as a simple interactive simulation. In contrary, it is so much more. Today, video games are now proving that they can help us improve brains processing speed. It allows to become storytellers and mentally train our minds to interact with a difficult task. Video games can help us to become mentally active, kids today have an extraordinary multitasking skill to achieve things. It helps kids become smarter with achieving a difficult task. In games, we produce a reaction. Our brain increases multitasking, and also release dopamine in the brain. As games get harder, and you achieve the hard goal. you release dopamine in the brain. This process makes gamers, seeks out that same reaction and want to achieve hard task to receive that release of dopamine in the brain.

As gaming trends to become more and more popular, video games can help us to become better critical thinkers. In every game, there is always a story mode to play. Just like a novel book, video games are very similar to books. They have an original story that has the main character and a plot. As we play along and follow the story, it can help us to be not only active to what everything is going on but also engaged deeply into the story. It can help in understanding facts and opinions, It can help us also in evaluating arguments and evidence. Since there are hundreds of games out right now. It’s really another world that a person can get into. if you think about its like books were turned into a video game and you can play as the character. There are so many possibilities for stories.

As technology advances, I believe it can aid us to become more intelligent than we have ever reached before. Technology has expanded our access to education, now all the information that you need is easily available. It’s extraordinary that our smartphones have only been around under 20 years. As technology aids our personal lives, It can also aid in education. In ways where the classroom is no longer a barrier. Now, students can learn new ways of learning and communicate, while working together. This could be done with VR or other forms of technology. Opportunities like this have been expanded by technology.

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