Comparison of Freedom Writers Diary

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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The book The freedom writer’s diary is a very different book compared to others. The structure is much more different. Instead of being one basic journal entry its 150 high school students and their diary entries put together to form a revelation and discovery about the rich history of the holocaust. The book was very intriguing but now the real question is how do the movie and book correlate with eachother. The most significant theme in The Freedom Writers Diary is tolerance and understanding.

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Gruwell’s students hated one another for no reason other than they thought they were supposed to because of gang histories and stereotypes.

Gruwell taught them that they actually had more in common than they wanted to believe. Many of the students had lost a friend or loved one to senseless violence. Many of them had been abused or molested. Many of them were victims of substance abuse. Because the education system had deemed them “at risk,” Gruwell’s colleagues were unwilling to devote the time, energy, and attention to the students that would foster a positive, safe environment for them to not only tolerate their differences but to accept and even appreciate them. Freedom writers diary is a movie and a book obviously… the movie is lighter on the details when it comes to drugs, substance abuse or even gang related violence. In the book however it goes over all the real problems that happened to these “at risk” kids involved with all the major setbacks they might go through.

The movie isn’t very reliable on the details but what it does have that the book could’ve touched better on is the life in the inspiring real life story that took place. The movie really brought out the main points in the story that couldn’t be missed and made it visual. The book however went over details and got down to the last drop. Although the movie and book both have similarities and differences they are both good pieces of entertainment. They both brought the true story to life and brought out its character in distinct ways. The content was overall similar the plots were different.

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