Comparing the Book and Movie – the Maze Runner

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Comparing the Book and Movie – the Maze Runner

This essay will compare the “Maze Runner” book with its movie adaptation. It will highlight the key differences and similarities in plot, character development, and thematic elements, discussing how these changes affect the overall narrative and audience reception. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Book.

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?Have you ever noticed when you are watching a film, based on a book, it never seems quite the same? Well, directors actually do this for a reason. They do this to make the movie flow faster and make it easier for the audience to understand. When comparing the book “The Maze Runner”, by James Dashner, to the movie, directed by Wes Ball, there were several differences. First, some of the character’s personalities in the book were not the same as described in the film.

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Secondly, Thomas’s memory differed from the movie compared to the book. Lastly, in the book, the entryways leading into the maze were unlike the movie. Although there were differences between reading “The Maze Runner” and watching the film, the overall story was awesome!

When comparing the book, “The Maze Runner”, to the movie, one difference was the personalities of the two characters Gally and Alby. In the movie, Gally has a strange attachment to the Glade. You also don’t find out he gets stung by the griever until the end of the movie when he escapes. In the book, Gally gets stung by the griever way before Thomas arrives. Alby and Thomas are, also, very close in the movie. Alby becomes a teacher for Thomas and answers all his questions. This is very different when compared to the book. In the book, Thomas is called names, and information is withheld from him. Alby is very negative towards Thomas and isn’t helpful in answering the questions Thomas asks. These two characters’ personalities are very different when comparing them from the book to the movie.

Another difference, when comparing the book to the film, is Thomas’s memory and where he sleeps at night. At the beginning of the movie, Thomas remembers his name when getting to the Glade. When this happens, Thomas starts having dreams about WICKED. In his dreams, there is a young girl and a voice that keeps repeating “wicked is good”. In the book, Thomas remembers his name late the night he arrives at the Glade. He starts getting some memory back when he intentionally stabs himself with the broken part of a griever. When looking at where Thomas slept at night, in the movie, he slept with the other Gladers in the same tent. In the book, Thomas slept in a corner of the maze, in the forest.

One of the biggest differences when contrasting the book “The Maze Runner” to the movie was the entryways leading into the maze and the missing beetle blades. In the movie, there is only one entrance to the 8 maze openings. It opened up each day and it closed by both of the outside walls sliding together. In the book, there are four separate entryways that lead into the maze. There is one on each wall. At the end of the day, a stone door closes by the right side sliding into the left. In the book, there are beetle blades which are mechanical lizards with cameras as eyes, created by wicked. The beetle blades are used to spy on the Gladers and report back to wicked. In the movie, they don’t exist. Wicked spies on them through cameras in the maze.

Reading the book “The Maze Runner” was exciting and it kept readers wondering why the maze was there and if the boys were really going to get out. The movie created a lot of action, a lot of guessing and the setting was the same as the book. Overall, the book was better. The author gave so much more detail and suspense. Thomas’s memory,

Gally and Alby’s personalities, the entryway into the maze, and the beetle bugs were only a few of the differences seen when reading the book and watching the film. At times, the differences from the movie to the book made it a little confusing and disappointing that so much was left out. In conclusion, “The Maze Runner” movie was not a bad film to watch, but the book was well written and without question the favorite.

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