Who are the Main Characters in the Maze Runner

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The Maze Runner is a book and movie series about teen boys stuck inside a maze. The main character, Thomas appears from a dark box and changes everything in the Glade. Thomas a seventeen year old boy appears into the maze not remembering anything except his name. Everyone inside the Glade has their memory swiped by the creators. Once Teresa arrives to the Glade everything starts going downhill. The blue sky’s turned dark and gloomy and the doors stopped closing that kept the Gladers safe from the Grievers at night.

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There are many differences that could be changed in the book so that the movie follows the original storyline.

The book has included more emotions than the movie. In the book the author created many detailed scenes to show how every character feels at that moment. In the movie the viewers have to infer how characters are feeling. The movie left out major details about the story, for example what the code was in the final escape scene, and how the characters found it. In the book the code was hidden words found on wax paper that took a long time to discover. In the movie the code was easy to find because it was just the numbers from the maze in a certain order.

The movie attempted to maintain fidelity to the storyline, But the director changed a lot in the movie most likely to make it shorter. A book can take weeks to finish, but a movie only takes about two hours of your time. The movie changed the major details from the book. When the gladers were escaping the maze they hopped onto a bus in the book but was changed to a helicopter in the movie. Even the way Chuck died was different. In the book he was killed by Gally with a dagger but was changed to a gun in the movie. Ben’s banishment was a heart stopping event in the book but isn’t even a big deal in the movie.

It takes longer to read the book and that’s why it has more details than the movie. When Chuck dies in the book it more personal because Gally had to get up close to kill him unlike the movie where he shoots him farther away. The movie kept the setting and most of the characters the same. The movie makes Newt appear more scrawny then the book. A main part left out was the telepathic conversations between Thomas and Teresa. The conversations have a lot of information to add to the story. In the movie Teresa appears to be like everyone else there.

In the book she can talk to Thomas telepathically and also remember memories from her past life. Not enough to figure the code out but still a lot of information. The Code is the way to get out of the maze. Anyone who goes into the maze has to find the Griever hole then type in the code to get through. There are many differences that could be changed in the book so that the movie follows the original storyline.

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