Emotion in the Book and Movie the Maze Runner

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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The book The Maze Runner written by James Dashner, and the movie The Maze Runner directed by Wes Ball, in both adaptations of the story, is about a group of teenage boys in the dystopian society. The boys are put in a Maze as an experiment with no memory of how they were put in the Maze, and their life before the boys were put there and are trying to find way out. The boys are trying to conquer the Maze and the obstacle that get in the boys’ way.

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The boys live in fear of being stung by man made machine like creatures. Though the book and the movie follow the same story line there are many differences and similarities between the two.

The movie has scenes that are similar to chapters in the book, one being when Thomas and Teresa arrived everything changed. When Thomas arrived, he wanted to be a runner, and he was getting away with breaking the rules when no other glader has was. When Teresa arrived, in both the movie and the book, she was unconscious in the box, and she had a note in her hand that saidread, “The was the last one ever”. After Teresa arrived the box never went back down. Another similarity between the book and the movie waswere when the grievers arrived. After Thomas and Minho found the way out of the Maze everything’s the ending was triggered started going bad. When they got returned back to the glade the doors would not shut and the grievers started taking gladers, one every night. There are more similarities between the book and the movie but there is also differences. Good transitions sentence

One of the things that was different differences between the book and the movie is in the book when the gladers got stung, they always had the serum to help the gladers, but in the movie the gladers did not have the serum, they only had it when Teresa got to the Glade. Run on Sentence One of the main things that is different repeated sentence between the book and the movie is that in the book, While Teresa is in a coma she is talking to Thomas in his mind. When Teresa wakes up from her coma she still talks to Thomas telepathically in his mind and he find out how to talk to her in her mind. In the movie they don’t do not has use telepathy.

Between the book and the movie the book was better. The book was better because it had more detail to help picture what was happening. The book had more emotion in it. The movie did not really have the detail and emotion the book had. The details and emotion in the book helped me the reader imagine what was happening and how the characters felt.

The book and movie have a lot of similarities and differences. There is are more differences than similarities though. The author of The Maze Runner, James Dashner did really good stronger vocab at putting detail and emotion in the story. The details and the emotion makes the reader imagine what is happening and how the characters are feeling. The director of The Maze Runner, Wes Ball, did have similarities with the book but there is many differences. The movie did not have as much emotion as the book.

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