Why you should Play Fortnite

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Why you should Play Fortnite

This essay will discuss the reasons why playing the video game Fortnite can be a worthwhile experience. It will cover aspects such as the game’s appeal to different age groups, its social interaction opportunities, and the skills it can develop, like strategic thinking and teamwork. The piece will also consider the cultural phenomenon of Fortnite, its impact on gaming and entertainment, and why it continues to be popular among gamers. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Fortnite.

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Fortnite Fortnite has taken the video game world by storm. Fortnite is on every console including PC and even on IOS and Android devices. Fortnite Battle Royale has been the most popular game globally since Epic Games, the developer, launched its trial in July of last year. Fortnite: Battle Royale is a Hunger Games-esk game of where up to 100 people jump out of a bus and have to land on an island. On this island, players find weapons, health regeneration items, and three materials in wood, stone, and metal.

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These materials help protect yourself from gunfire and can help you get a height advantage when you are playing. The purpose of the game is to kill one of another and see who can be the last one alive.

While all of this is happening, a storm closes in on a certain part of the map, so players are forced into a smaller area where the odds of seeing another player are greater. If u are caught in the storm, it does damage to your health, and as the storm gets smaller, the more health it does. A timer will tell you when the storm is about to move in and you can check your map to see where the “safe zone” will be. The last player alive gets bragging rights and a message on the top of the screen that reads “#1 VICTORY ROYALE!”. You can play by yourself in solo, with a partner in duos, or with a group to 3 or 4 in squads. If you think you are good enough, you can play in the squads or duos mode by yourself and see if you can take out entire teams with your skills.

Also, Epic Games will incorporate a Limited Time Game Mode which can range from Snipers Only to Blitz. Blitz is a game mode where the storm comes in even faster which makes the quicker and more intense. To continue, Fortnite also includes a mode named “Save the World” where you can fight against zombies, however, it costs money to do so, which is why the Battle Royale is the more popular game mode. Fortnite has done a great job with making the game free because it makes a player think, I can pay $20 for one character because the game was free so that makes up for it. Fortnite’s virtual currency “V-Bucks” is how Fortnite makes a majority of its money. V-Bucks can get you emotes, which are animations your characters can do, for example, you can buy the dab. You can also buy different parachutes that you jump out of the bus with and pickaxes to mine materials with.

The last thing you can buy with V-Bucks is new characters. Having new items in a repetitive game refreshes the game and makes it have a different feel to it, that is until you get tired of the new stuff you just bought. According to an article written by Forbes, Fortnite had made $126 million in revenue in February. Fortnite is a free game and they still made over $126 million in 1 month, that’s insane! Furthermore, Fortnite also has been doing an excellent job of adding new elements to the game. They will add stuff such as a new weapons, new special equipment, or different health regeneration items. Recently, Epic Games added a special grenade that builds a premade fort once the player throws it. They will also add points of interests, which are certain spots on the map that have the most loot but attracts the most amount people to go there.

These updates that Fortnite makes help the game develop, however sometimes it breaks the matchmaking process which will make it so you can’t play certain modes. As you can see, Fortnite is a well-rounded game with both the community doing their job for giving suggestions to the developers, as well as the developers doing their job by updating the game constantly and listening to the community, however, sometimes the game needs a while to get completely fixed. In addition, Fortnite has brought a huge group of people from different countries/backgrounds to form one huge online community. Every one of these people can bond on a game that has brought them sadness, rage, but most of all joy. Fortnite lets a person free themselves from all stresses of the outside world as soon as they pick up a controller.

Fortnite has been so popular that there are a numerous amount of celebrities who play there game. JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Karl Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves, rappers Travis Scott, Lil Yachty, and even Drake are just a sprinkle of the celebrity Fortnite community. There are also famous Twitch streamers/YouTubers due to the enjoyment of watching good players play Fortnite. Tyler Blevins, also known as his twitch name, Ninja, is a very successful Twitch streamer who broke the all-time viewing record of a live stream smashing the old record of 635,000 viewers. This would not have been possible if God’s Plan himself, Drake, hadn’t posted on Twitter notifying all of his followers that he was playing Fortnite with Ninja.

People have reported that Ninja makes over $500,000 a month from just live streaming and people following his social media. Not too shabby for someone who used to work for minimum wage at a fast food company. In conclusion, Fortnite has brought much joy to people around the world with a PC, Xbox One, PS4, and IOS and Android device. Fortnite has had great success with profits as well as keeping their game updated and fresh. Fortnite has also created a community where people watch one another play the game and play with each other. Fortnite has changed the world in a positive way and is the game of the present and future. 

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