Marvel Vs DC Compare and Contrast

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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The introduction of comics and graphic novels began in the 16th century in Japan, but their popularization in America took place in the 30s. From that moment on, the popularity of comics has grown in Europe and around the world. The two most famous comic book companies are, of course, Marvel and DC.

While fans on both sides sometimes look to the other side with a belligerent stance, it is important to look at the similarities in both of these universes so that fans can truly experience the joy of the comics and the heroes they hang out with.

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The hypothesis for this research paper is that Roger’s argument can be used when it comes to publishing companies Marvel and DC.

To write a comprehensive comparison on the topic, the author uses Roger’s argument as it allows both worlds to be combined. An understanding of the history of both companies will be discussed, as well as the respective global challenges facing both worlds. The author will use articles, videos, and comics where possible for reference from Marvel and DC.

In conclusion, the author will talk about a hypothesis that turns out to be either erroneous or correct, crystallizing the research conducted by the author.

Marvel and DC Comics
Marvel Comics, or Marvel Worldwide Inc., was founded by Martin Goodman, who was born to Mo Goodman. He started his life in 1939 with the title Timely Publications before he became Marvel. He started publishing Westerns back in the early 1930s, but a new medium of comics caught Goodman’s attention, and Marvel Comics was born with the first appearances of now-famous action heroes, including the Human Torch. [one]

DC Comics started like this. The founder of this company was Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson from Tennessee. The company was originally called National Allied Publications [2] before becoming the company it is today. After money problems began, the company was renamed Detective Comics, Inc. and bought by another company that supplanted Wheeler-Nicholson. It is a division of Time Warner, which owns the rights to several popular comic book series.

Marvel created the Avengers – Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Captain America, Widow, Hawkeye and many more. [3]

DC created the characters of the Justice League – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and more. [four]

Despite the fact that they both compete for sales and popularity, both universes share similarities, namely similar characters and the challenges they face.

Common symbols and themes
Marvel and DC fans have been rivals ever since both companies embarked on their journey to fame and recognition in the last century. However, they both have similar characters and they both deal with similar issues that are important to readers and the world.

Using Roger’s argument, the author looked at the themes and characters that are featured in both Marvel and DC comics. They complement and enrich each other, and one is no better than the other, as they both use tools to inform and engage the reader. [five]

Some character similarities include Hawkeye and Green Arrow, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, and Mortal Strike and its equivalent, Deadpool. All of these characters can coexist in the same universe, although they usually don’t. There were problems with crossing, but usually the universes are not connected. [6]

It should be noted, however, that both companies highlight relevant issues for their target audiences. Corruption, poverty, empathy, and self-sacrifice are common themes seen in both universes. In recent years, LGBTQ themes have been incorporated with several characters that belong to the community. Marvel and DC have also taken a proactive stance on equality, proving that both male and female superheroes are equally important in saving the world.

In conclusion, it should be said that the world is enriched with comics and their fans. It was also clarified that no matter what publishing company people support, they can find a common topic to discuss.

According to James Baumlin, “Roger’s strategy, in which panellists collaborate to find areas of common experience, allows the speaker and audience to open their worlds to each other” [7], creating a debate that is grounded in the understanding of all parties involved.

By following this idea, supporters of Marvel and DC can easily hit it off without losing their passion for their favorite comics. Both parties can agree to disagree by listening to each other, but in case of important questions, fans can band together to defend what is right for the common good.

The author reviewed the available materials and spoke with readers and supporters of DC and Marvel comics. After consideration by the author, it can be concluded that Roger’s argument can be used when considering the topic of “Miracle vs. DC” when it comes to important world issues. Both sides can put their differences aside and come together as a force to be reckoned with.

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