Fornite as a Popular Game

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Fornite the game made by epic games has had a impact around the gaming community in total of today has had seven seasons in the game throughout these season it had a massive increase in popularity a lot of kids, teenagers even adults are playing fornite all around the whole world, basically each season they add new skins that you can use they don’t affect the game its just for style purposes they also give you like backpacks that you can use but only for style purposes the game basically is a battle royal the last one standing wins each season they put a battle pass they you pay ten dollars to buy it or you can buy it whit v-bucks is the money of the game it cost 950 v-bucks or you can get a bundle for 2500 v-bucks and they give you a head start if you don’t have the v-bucks you can always buy them with dollars ten dollars for a thousand v-buks and then you can buy it, this game is all about of surviving and keep standing until the end of the match they give you experience for wining or for placing on top ten or top five they also give you experience, to help you gain more experience they put daily challenges and weekly challenges that help you with experience and upgrading your battle past that can give you experience boost.

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Fornite has gone popular that people do streams playing fornite and they do some tricks sometimes they plan it but sometimes they do it and get exited because of what they do, the streamers also do make money of it, they are different modes you can play you can you can go solo which you and 99 people have to survive everyone against everyone the last standing wins the battle, you can go with duos if you don’t like to play solo or even squads up to four people and you compete against other squads, it’s a very simple game you just have to survive, people use different strategies like build when they get into a fight to get high ground and get the advantage.

The past year or so it had more then 8 million people around the world is a popular game, but is not since the beginning, on the beginning it was just another game no one wants but then it grow when they decided to presented and make the season 1 then it began the people the streamers, at first everyone was like a black ops game but with time they implemented strategies.

Fornite became really important more like in kids then adults but some adults do make money off of fornite, for kids is a exiting game and for streamers is a good way to make money they do things others can’t like youtubers they just bought a entire season battle pass just show what it comes with and make great content for kids or for other people as well. We know fortine is a popular game and it still be a popular game just until another interesting game comes out if they decide to continue to implement more creative ideas and they would continue to be a good game.

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