Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson Essay

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This paper is about Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.I will be describing their presidency.Listing and explaining their achievements and impacts.I will also be listing their challenges throughout their presidency,and I would be comparing their challenges. Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd U.S. president.He was a leading figure in America’s early development.During his second term Jefferson focused on trying to keep America out of Europe’s Napoleonic Wars(1803-1815.) Although he prompted individual liberty,he was also a slave owner.

Andrew Jackson was the 7th U.S. president.He was acting as the direct representative of the Common Man.He was called “Old Hickory” by voters of 1828.He won the popular vote. Thomas Jefferson’s achievements were The Louisiana Purchase,the U.S. purchased Louisiana Territory.Jefferson even doubled the size of the U.S. during his presidency.Jefferson also wrote the Declaration of Independence.Jefferson impacted the nation by being the author of the Declaration of Independence,of the Virginia Law for Religious Freedom,and Father of the University of Virginia.

Andrew Jackson’s achievements were he was the main founder of the Democratic Party.He even played a leading role in all white males being granted the right to vote.He also resolved the Nullification Crisis.Jackson impacted the nation by helping to build the country. The challenges Thomas Jefferson faced were Great Britain and France both began harassing American merchant ships.Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican,the courts had many judges that were Federalists,and they blocked out many of his ideas.While Great Britain and France were at war,neither country wanted them to trade with the other.

The challenges Andrew Jackson faced were,Calhoun had issued his South Carolina Exposition and Protest declaring the right of a state to declare acts of Congress null and void within its borders,South Carolina attempted to declare the Tariff unconstitutional,which led to Jackson’s Nullification Proclamation.The bank was also an issue with him,but he held his ground.The Whig Party emerged in the wake of Jackson’s veto of the Bank of the U.S. in 1833.

The challenges faced by Jefferson and Jackson were different.Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican and Jackson was a Federalist.Jackson didn’t like the National bank but unlike Jefferson he took charge and got rid of it. Thomas Jefferson was most successful in my opinion.I think that because he made America double in size.I also think that it is a huge accomplishment and it helped the United States more.

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