Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson: Analysis of Two Presidents

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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This essay will be about a presidential Analysis of two presidents, Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson. It will be about their achievements and challenges,also it will also have a compareasent.

Jeffersons presidency

Jefferson had many good ideas for the country, including expanding to the west, ending naval expansion, and lowering government’s spending. Some events that happened were the louisiana purchase and the embargo Acts of 1807. The Marbury v. Madison case also happened in this time period.

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew jackson’s first act as president was the Indian Removal Act(1830) to force the Indians out of their home and make an 800 mile journey. The Cherokee nation even took this to the supreme court system and claimed they were an independent nation. The supreme court ruled in favor of the court ruling and forced them out on a path called the Trail of Tears.The Nullification crisis was also a result of Andrew Jackson. He also set in motion the tax of Abominations and the tariff of 1828. Because of these taxes, south carolina threatened secession and because of that Andrew passed the Force Bill to force the states to pay their taxes. Jackson also declared war on the bank.

Jefferson’s achievements

During Jefferson’s presidency, he was able to buy an area of land called the Louisiana purchase. It had a major impact on the expansion west and gave the U.S. lots of territory. The Judiciary Act of 1789 was passed and created lower federal courts.The Embargo Act of 1807 was also passed by congress. During this Act, American ship were prohibited from trading with European nations.

Jackson’s achievements

During Jackson’s presidency, he declared war on the National Bank because he thought it favored the wealthy. Jackson saw himself as a “common man” and he helped the expansion of Democracy. This made it able for any white male to vote. Jackson also created the Force Bill. That gave the president power to send military forces against the state if they do not cooperate.

Jefferson’s challenges

During the Louisiana Purchase Jefferson was uncertain if the constitution allowed him to purchase that territory. A war between Britain and France was going on and Britain started to stop U.S. ships.They also sometimes forced American sailors to serve on their ships to avoid war with Britain, Jefferson passed the Embargo Acts.

Andrew Jackson Challenges

During Jackson’s presidency, the “spoils system” was a big issue that he used to hire government officials that would be best for his personal gain. When Jackson tried to remove the Indians, they tried to fight back by appealing to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in the Cherokee’s favor. Jackson ignored it. The tariff of Abomination lowered costs for manufactured goods and increased the tax on raw materials. This caused South Carolina to threaten secession and also caused the Force Bill.

Comparison of Challenges

Some of Jefferson’s challenges included the Embargo Act and the confusion of the Louisiana Purchase. Meanwhile, Jackson made the states very angry and also put in place taxes that lowered cost for Northern States and raised it for Southern States.

Successful? In my opinion, Jefferson was the most successful because he helped the U.S. grow westward and also help with the Judicial review in the Marbury v. Madison.


In conclusion, both the presidents had challenges’ and achievements. They both have helped shaped America to be what it is today and helped set boundaries for the future.

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