Comparison of Jackson’s and Jefferson’s Presidency

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The summary of Andrew Jackson’s and Thomas Jefferson’s presidency and how they were different,alike and what challenges they faced during their time Thomas jefferson saw his election as a turning point in his presidency. As president he had always dreamed of buying louisiana territory.He also set out to change the size of the army and to help government funds.A few years later after talking or negotiating with Napoleon Bonaparte offered to sell louisiana to Jefferson.

Andrew Jackson before becoming president he was the leader of the war of 1812.

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Andrew Jackson had lost the very first election to John Q Adams.After the election JAckson had accused Henry Clay and Adams of corrupt bargain.Jackson finally won the election of 1828 and had split into two new parties the whigs and Jackson’s followers the Democrats.One of the first actions Jackson took was the Spoils System.This act took the common people and filled the spot of the trained government officials..One of the next action Jackson took was the Indian removal act this act had federal troops move 16000 cherokee indians to the new territory.During this the trail of tears came along and one-fourth of the indians died

Three achievements of Thomas jefferson was The embargo act this act keeped american ships from trading with European ships number two the louisiana purchase and leaving John marshall and chief justice these acts help america grow a country. Three achievements of Andrew Jackson the indian removal act I feel this act kind of help with territory and farm land war on bank this help all of the states with their problems but later on led to bigger problems.

Three challenges that Jefferson faced were the impact of the war of 1812 Monroe Doctrine saying Europe could not step foot westward of the hemisphere and the removal of the federalist i feel like this is a challenge because he could of had many people attack him. Three challenges faced by Andrew Jackson was The nullification crisis the indian removal act and his war on bank. Jefferson i feel like had the easier time then Andrew Jackson because Jackson set up most of his problems for himself. In my opinion Thomas Jefferson was the better president because he help the nation grow faster more efficient and did not set a lot of problems for himself

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