Presidency of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The second president of the united states. Thomas Jefferson sought to show that he was one of the people. Jefferson saw his election as a turning point.

General Andrew Jackson was the hero of the war of 1812. Jackson won the popular vote,but fell short of the votes for the electoral College to win the election. Jackson got defeated again in 1824, but finally won in 1828.

3 Achievements For Jackson

  1. Voting rights, In the 1820s the state got rid of the requirement that voters own property.
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    Impact was many more white males over 21 could vote.

  2. The Indian Removal Act, 1830 the act to remove tribes still east of the Mississippi River. The impact was that would get more land. Was the removal of the Cherokees in exchange for lands further west.
  3. Tariff On Imports, southern states opposed a high tariff on imports. Jackson supporters demanded changes in the tariff rates.

3 Achievements For Jefferson

  1. The louisiana purchase, Jefferson wanted to expand westward,so he sent envoys to france to get the right to send goods from the Mississippi River to New Orleans, He got the offer from france to have the Louisiana Territory.
  2. Embargo Act, to avoid war Jefferson made this act to the congress which means American ships were not allowed to trade with European nations.
  3. Louis and Clark expedition, Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore the region. It lead them to groundwork for the future westward.

3 Challenges By Jackson

  1. War on the bank,Jackson didn’t the like the idea of the National bank because it only gave a interest the wealthy.
  2. Jackson Democracy, historians wanted to end the the spoils system, politics became an activity,but Jackson believed the nation was corrupted by special interest.
  3. Nullification crisis, the crisis faced arising out of the tariff issue and state rights, because north favored high tariff to protect their industries.

3 Challenges By Jefferson

  1. Revolution of 1800,Jefferson inauguration marked the first transition of the executive branch from one party to another
  2. Views on government, Jefferson disagree special privileges for the wealthy, and he thought the best government was least governed.
  3. Democratic-Republican, was a supporters of Jefferson,and there disagreements where lessen by a outbreak of revolution in France.

Comparing The President’s Challenges

Jackson and Jefferson both opposed of the wealthy. Jackson didn’t like the idea of the National Bank because he thought it valued more towards the wealthy’s money interest. Jefferson opposed of privileges for the wealthy.Both Jackson and Jefferson went more for the farmers and spoke for them, and that’s what common man for Jackson was.

Most Successful In My Opinion

I think the most successful president for me was Thomas Jefferson because i feel like he got more than Jackson.Jackson got rid of a’lot of things like the indians and the bank. Jackson also had a lot of problems like the Nullification Crisis and Jacksonian Democracy. Jefferson he got a lot of goods transported to Mississippi and New Orleans and got land and he made a act that made it were we couldn’t trade with European nations and to me i thought he was more successful.

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