Thomas Jefferson V. Andrew Jackson

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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In this paper we will discuss the differences of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson during their presidency,challenges, and accomplishments.

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States.Thomas Jefferson was president from 1801-1809 and Vice President from 1797-1801. John Adams lost the 1800 election to Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson saw his election as a turning point. He wanted to reduce the size of the army,and end naval expansion, and lower the government cost. Thomas Jefferson was a democratic-republican so he didn’t get along with most of the government officials.

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Thomas Jefferson had lots of accomplishment in his presidency and outside of it. One of his accomplishments during his presidency was the Louisiana purchase in 1803 in which it doubled the size of the United States. Napoleon Bonaparte offered the land to Thomas Jefferson, and he accepted it and bought it for 15 million dollars today it would cost around 1.2 trillion dollars. After the land was purchased Thomas Jefferson sent William Clark and Meriwether Lewis to explore the new land they had just purchased. Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. If we didn’t have it we would still be owned by great britain. To stop a war from happening he made “The Embargo Act of 1807”. Even though it made it harder to trade with foreign countries it kept the United States neutral in the war.

Thomas Jefferson had lots of challenges while he was president and while he was not president. One of his challenges was that he was a democratic-republican and most of the government officials were federalist. Probably the biggest challenge he had was that France and Great Britain were at war with each other. While they were at war Britain would sometimes take American ships. Another challenge was the Marbury v. Madison (1803). This was a very important case this case decided how lots of things were decided. Before this case was the “Judiciary act of 1789” this case had established the judicial review.

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States. Andrew Jackson was president from 1829-1837. Andrew Jackson was known as the “Common Man”. He was known as the common man because he didn’t grow up in a wealthy family and most people could relate to him and the common men where laborers,farmers,and frontiersmen. He created the Jacksonian Democracy and the spoil system.

Andrew Jackson had some accomplishments in his presidency and some outside of it. In the 1812 war he was the general. The voting requirements of owning property was taking away so and white male could vote. When the property was taken away that was the most people that had voted at the time. In the Creek War (1813-1814) he forced the native american indians to surrender.

Andrew Jackson had lots of problems while he was president and not president. Andrew Jackson did not like Native Americans Indians. The case Worcester v. Georgia this decision was that no white man could live with Indians. Andrew Jackson ignored the court’s ruling and decided to remove all the Indians. Andrew Jackson made the “Indian removal act (1830). This forced Cherokees Indians and others to move. The Indian removal act was being delayed. So in 1837 federal troops escorted 16,000 Indians in late fall and winter. One-fourth of the Indians died from exposure, starvation, and fever the removal became known as the “trail of tears”. Andrew Jackson did not like the national bank he believed that it only supported the wealthy. So a second national bank was chartered in 1816. In 1832 he ordered that all of the money would be placed in state banks but the money only went to his supporters. Most people thought this decision went to far or “dictatorial”. In 1832 South Carolina threatens to secede. This became known as the “Nullification Crisis”. He spoke about fast and passed the “force bill” which allowed him to use military force against South Carolina.

Comparing each other’s challenges they both had lots of challenges that shaped the United States to what it is now. They both had times when no one liked them like when Thomas Jefferson was elected president the was a bunch of federalists. The “Indian removal act” made some of Andrew Jackson supporters think that was to far.

I think that was Thomas Jefferson most successful because he doubled the size of the United States. Napoleon Bonaparte offered the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson stopped us from getting in war with foreign countries. Thomas Jefferson helped write most of the Declaration of Independence. And if we didn’t have some of these things then I don’t know what the United States would like now and if we were owned by someone or even speak a different language. Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were good presidents of the United States.

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