Andrew Jackson was America’s Worst ‘Great’ President

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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I feel that Andrew Jackson was a bad president. I feel this because there is a lot of evidence against him. President Jackson as a president have some good things. Like he was able to “dumb down” the politics for the common people. “As long as our government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights of person and of property, liberty of conscience and of the press, it will be worth defending.

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” Jackson said. This is the type of mindset a lot of people believed in. Another thing he did was when people were trying to leave during the Creek war he made sure that they stayed.

But even his good things could not outway the bad. Andrew Jackson led a battle against the Red Sticks. Because of the battle at Fort Mims, Jackson ordered that the militia and he would burn down Creek villages. Also Jackson murdered men,women, and innocent children. But there was one child, newborn actually, laying amongst all the bodies. Jackson found him the arms of his dead mother and picked up the small infant, and decided to take adopt him. But this was fo show obviously, it wa a politics move. How could anyone really say anything about what he did when he adopted a little Creek Native American orphan. The child wouldn’t even be an orphan if Jackson hadn’t killed the family of the child.

In 1828 Jackson had the passed the biggest tariff in American History. Jackson raised just so then he could find a way to get at the north. The South had been outraged about it and threatened to leave the union when no one would nullify the tariff. Then Jackson threatened to send the army out to the south and the Southerners backed down. Since the tariff hadn’t been nullified just yet Jackson wanted to send the army down to collect the tariff. “Andrew Jackson claimed that he was obligated ‘to execute the law’ and ‘to preserve the Union’ even if it meant ‘a recourse to force’ and ‘the shedding of a brother’s blood.’” James Rutledge Roesch. In the end of this whole tariff the south ended up getting exactly what they wanted, Congress nullified the tariff and dodged a big civil war.

Andrew Jackson had also started a Indian removal. This made Native Americans get moved towards the west so settlers could have more land. I can agree with this a little, the americans needed the land for us to grow as a country. But they could have left a certain amount of land for the Native Americans and they didn’t need to treat them so terribly while they forced them to move. On the way to the west almost 4,000 Choctaw died from exposure, disease, and starvation. The Creek and the Semihole decided not to give in to Jackson and went to war. Creeks lost terribly and they were deported to the west with men,women, and children chained. 10,000 creeks died from the war and being deported. The Semihole was lucky and survived the war till the U.S. gave up and let them have their land.

Cherokee people also got lucky because they didnt sign a treaty or go to a war. They just made sure to follow all the us laws. In the end of all this you can tell that Jackson wasnt a good president. Everything he did either ended in war or almost ended in war. Yes there was some things that Jackson did that could be viewed as good but most is just indecent and horrible. Jackson , I think, was a bad president.

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