Daily Life in Ancient Greece

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Daily life in Greece is much different from ours today. In today’s world male and female should have equal rights. Men should help the women clean house, women can mow the lawn, women can build houses and do construction work if they desire to do so. In Greece, it’s a totally different story. Men are required to take a roll of being very involved in the community. While the women’s lives were ALWAYS being at home doing work around the house and doing things for the children.

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In the United States, slavery is not allowed at all! But on the other hand, slavery was very very very common in Greece. Instead of having a butler or a maid as we can hire in the United States, People in Greece had slaves. The slaves had to get groceries, do the chores around the house, and even raise the children! When a child is born the father will decide if they want to keep the child or not. If the child was a female or maybe more weak than others, more than likely the father would leave the child for forever.

If the father did decide to keep the female babies, that girl would NEVER attend school. When the boys turned 7 years old, that was when they were allowed to go to school for the first time ever! Once they are graduated from school there were many options of jobs for them to look into. Some examples would be-farming, being a soldier, teaching, working for the government, etc. On the other hand, women didn’t have those options, they were automatically a stay at home mom.

Women would prepare meals like bread dipped in wine, fish, cheese, olives, and vegetables. Living in the United States we eat a lot of meats in our everyday lives. They only time they eat meat, is on special occasions, for example, a festival. If you think about what the main liquid drank in the United States it would either be ‘h20 or pop’ ‘www.the dailymeal.com’ In ancient Greece their main drink that was served is watered down wine. Gross right!! On to the next topic, because we don’t need to talk about wine forever.

Greek homes were often built around courtyards.Children played around the courtyards so that was where most of the children were playing. There was a place to worship the gods and to play. But around that play area were the houses of course. When you think of a house you think of walls being made out of drywall.

In Greece, the houses they lived in were built out of sun-dried bricks. Their houses were very similar to ours. There were bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, an office, etc. But there was this one room that was a little different. The room was like a man cave for men except it were called an Andren and this room was used for men to hang out together or for business reasons. The odd part about this room was that the visiting men came into a different entrance so that they didn’t see the owner of the houses wife. And that is a lot of information to take in, but there’s daily life in ancient Greece. 

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