Alexander the Great – King of Macedonia and Ancient Greece

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Who is Alexander the Great? Alexander the Great is was the king of Macedonia and Ancient Greece. He may be known as the greatest military commander in history. Alexander the Great was born July 20, 356 BC. Alexander died at a very young age at 32. At a young age he accomplished a lot of things in his short life. Alexander’s accomplishments was to do so much in his lifetime even thought it was such a lasting affect to him. He conquered the world’s largest and most powerful empire.

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Alexander’s father was King Philip the II. Alexander’s father build up a strong and united empire in Ancient Greece. Like some of the children Alexander was tutored as a child so that he can learn mathematics, reading, writing and he also learned how to play the lyre (is a string instrument know for the Greek classical). Apparently he would be introduce on how to ride a horse, how to fight, and hunt. When Alexander turned thirteen years old his father wanted the best teacher for him. Alexander met some friends such as Ptolemy and Cassander. He became to be a brave young boy he named one of his horses Bucephalus.

Bucephalus was one of Alexander’s best horse that cost him a fortune. Alexanders had to get his trust on a horse because if you the horse to do what you want it to do he has to get his trust on you. When his trainer saw that the horse wasn’t capable in doing anything they were going to give up on the horse. But Alexander knew that something was up with Bucephalus and it was because the horse was getting agitated by his own shadow. Alexander betted on his father that he can trane the horse on his own. He needed to be patient with the horse and he did slowly by slowly the horse face his shadow. Till point in time I think Alexander and his horse Bucephalus was destined to become the most famous steed in the history till today. When he was 16 his father left him incharge of his kingdom while he waged a war against Byzantion. Alexander the great had some conquest there are four of them he took over Syria defeating the Persian Army next he conquered Egypt and established Alexandria the capital after Egypt came through Babylonia and Persia even including the city of Susa last but not least he moved through Persia and began to prepare a campaign for India. Alexander accumulated one of the largests empires in history. Even if his soldiers were ready to revolt all that they ever wanted was to go home to their children’s and wifes. Alexander agreed to that so with that he send them back home to their family.

In 334 B.C. Alexander the great lead into a army in the Battle of the Granicus River they fought against the Persian Empire. He defeated the forces of the great Persian satraps of Asia. Alexander encounter the Persian forces to command the king Darius III to pass the issues in northwestern Syria in 333 B.C. but darius army greatly outnumbered Alexander. Alexander captured Darius wife, daughter’s, mother and treated all the women respectfully. In 327 B.C. Alexander and his army marched into India he launched a campaign into northwestern India. Alexander’s greatest battles in India was the Battle of the Hydaspes River against king Porus of the Paurava kingdom. In 328 B.C. Cleitus a close friend of Alexander he made a violent end. A drunk Cleitus continually insulted Alexander and minimized him because of his achievements. While the guy pushed too far of it Alexander kills Cleitus with a spear a huge anger that act of violence torse him. A few of people think that Alexander killed Cleitus because of his general fit of his drunkenness. Alexander had struggles to capture Sogdia a kinda important region of the Persian Empire. They found refuge of a pinnacle of a rock and Alexander demand to surrender. Like how Alexander is he did not took a no for an answer so what he did was he got some of his men to scale the rock but the Sogdian toke him to a huge surprise. One of those of the rocks was a girls name Roxane. Alexander he fell in love with Roxane daughter of Bactrian nobleman Oxyartes he fell in love with her and married her.

When Alexander was in the middle of his military campaign Empire the Macedonians were putting arduous effort in their conquests. But if he wanted to be with her they needed to achieve on their truce on with the native population so that they can gain on both if their trust and loyalty. He had another wife Stateira II a Persian princess and daugher of Darius III he married her for some of political reason. Roxana gave birth to Alexander son a few month after his death. What I have read in the article is that Alexander was homosexual or bisexual I don’t know if it’s true or not but it remains highly controversial passionate reactions. But even if that’s true or not regardless of all that people see him as the national hero. Alexander’s death was because of a night of drinking and caused him to have fever he became weak after drinking unmixed wine. This caused the persians to hate Alexander more than ever if you think about and the lasting effect of that can been seen though the main stories passed down among the Persians during the depicting of Alexander as the enemy. Alexander the great components of culture can be from the categories of region,art, politics, and social structure. By trying to implement Greek culture Alexander ended up demolishing the culturally rich city in the process. Even though some historians may argue that Alexander helped unify two cultures, but what they failed to see was that Alexander only went so far from his own personal benefits. “” his efforts at bridging culture and racial barriers and the legacy of a more unified and inter connected world is taken into consideration, he may qualify to keep his title”” (Alexander the Great, 2015).

This quote fails on recognize the political reasons that motivated Alexander the Great onto the break of social barriers of the Persians and Greeks. While Alexander the Great introduced the Perish custom the proskynesis to the army and forced those who addressed him on to the first kneel and would kiss his hang. The Macedonian troops became progressively with Alexander’s apparent deification and adoption of Persian customs””(Mark, 2013). In my perspective by this quote is that Alexander clearly enjoyed the status of being a god and among the Persians which further proves that the point he adopted Persian customs of the personal benefits that throughout history that has been a successful conquerors the emperors that often tend on deify themselves. Alexander the Great considered so important because one he was the greatest Greek, greatest strategists and most importantly the greatest military leaders in history. He has managed to spread the Greek civilization of all the places that he conquered. He wasn’t entirely that important cause of what he did more than that Alexander was the first great European Empire builder the inspiration that were found from Egypt to India on with his name. But with Alexander the Great was one of the well I won’t say the best or the greatest but there had been Greek identity before because now that there was a Greek Empire but now a Greek Kingdoms. Without Alexander there wouldn’t be a lot of Empires.

For being so young he did a lot in his life f you think about. He did a dump things by getting drunk and all that but then again people drink and won’t even realize it ones that they know that they messed up is when there feeling ill or bad. Alexander has accomplished a lot in his life it’s important to see what Persia has been through what has shaped their history and where the Persian people come from. It’s more important for others because people can just learn about it and see how it was in history. What I have learned about Alexander the Great is that he did a lot his life. He accomplish so much at a very young age if you think about. He’s been thru up and down in his life with his father and with his ex’s wifes. Even though he never meet his son he really accomplish a lot like he conquest names, Bucephalus The Royal Steed, he defeat the mighty Persians and so much more.

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