Compare and Contrast about Cats and Dogs

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Compare and Contrast about Cats and Dogs

This essay will provide a comparative analysis of cats and dogs as pets. It will discuss the differences and similarities in their behavior, care needs, and the nature of their interactions with humans. The piece will cover aspects such as temperament, maintenance, and the suitability of each animal for different types of owners and living environments. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Animals.

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 Dogs and cats have several similarities, but even more distinctions. Both animals are easily loved by mankind and will display love and affection in return for good treatment. Some people enjoy the presence of a cat, and others are simply dog lovers. Based on the history, characteristics, and similarities of the two creatures, dogs are considered to be man’s best friend- but most likely it’s the feline who is.

Thousands of years ago, a man trapped wolves and used a selective breeding process to make canines with certain qualities.

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Some of the qualities include hunting abilities, obedience, and trainability. Every dog in our modern world has the DNA of wolves, although if you look at a Yorkshire Terrier or a Teacup Chihuahua one would have their doubts. Throughout time, breeding became more selective, and more breeds were born. Humans began breeding dogs for their function. Some canines were great for hunting, while others did the best job of herding or guarding. Canines can show more human characteristics such as love, sorrow, and loyalty. Dogs are also more social than cats which is why some consider them the best companions.

Felines, on the other hand, decided on their own that they would integrate with humans. The Egyptians considered cats to be Gods, due to them protecting their homes from death and disease by killing rodents. The Egyptians thought so highly of their beloved felines that they mummified them for the journey to the next world- and even included mummified mice to accompany their pets. In the middle ages, Pope Gregory IX associated cats with Satan and witches. The accusation led to the massacre of millions of cats across Europe. After the massacre, there were no cats to kill rodents and this caused an outbreak of black rats which brought on the Black Death.

Cats are more independent than dogs and are considered loners. Felines only seek companionship from other cats when mating. They enjoy spending time away from humans and do not get lonely, whereas a dog would. All cats today still harbor the same traits as their ancestors because they were not bred into exclusivity, they were perfect just how they were. Cats are nocturnal and do the best hunting at night solitary. They have a long tail that aids in balance, and light-reflecting eyes which gives them an advantage over their prey. Cats are quick and have retracting claws for self-defense, they can jump and climb to get away from any threats. Dogs are more earthbound and not able to jump as high or climb trees such as cats. Canines hunt more efficiently when they are accompanied by their pack. While both species are carnivores, dogs can survive on plant materials if needed but cats are strict meat-eaters. All cats are considered equal and do not have ranks to determine their social status. Dogs have a particular social status, their rank is determined by how high they hold their tail. When one dog greets another and that dog holds its tail up, it means they are of higher social class. Cats only hold their tail up as a sign of content, they do not feel the need to dominate.

Aside from the numerous differences, there is also a good deal of similarities. Both canine and feline are part of the Mammalia Kingdom. Both dogs and cats birth multiple offspring at one time. The mother carries 3-12 babies in one litter. A characteristic of the female in the Mammalia Kingdom is that they have mammary glads, which allows the mothers to nurse their young. Both canines and felines are covered in fur and can carry fleas and ticks if not treated by the owner. The lifespan of these two creatures ranges an average of twelve years, and up to twenty-five for cats and eighteen for dogs. Both cats and dogs show territorial instincts that come naturally. The canine and feline alike have the ability to survive in the wild if needed, their natural hunting instinct would employ before being left to starve to death.

Some people may think more profoundly of cats due to the felines’ intelligence, while others fancy dogs for their companionship. A cat does not need your love, food, or acceptance. Felines are the ultimate hunters and voluntarily gave up their life in the wild to save man from rodent infestations and the plague, and cats know it.

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