What Makes Humans Unique

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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What Makes Humans Unique

This essay will explore the unique qualities that distinguish humans from other species. It will discuss aspects such as advanced cognitive abilities, language use, cultural diversity, and the capacity for moral reasoning and creativity. The piece will examine these qualities from biological, anthropological, and psychological perspectives, considering how they have shaped human evolution and society. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Adam And Eve.

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The question is What makes humans unique? In this society I’ve come across humans beings who don’t like to think of themself as animals such as our great ancestors. In class we’ve learned that human activity that society thought is uniquely are also performed by animals: birds (parrots) who uses language to communicate to one another, chimpanzees that make tools and use those tools. In class we watched this video about a chimpanzee named Tuke, Klouce that solved a honey situation by using tools that they made from sticks.

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According to Michael Tomasello “How Are Humans Unique” they used a “cognitive test” to test our closest primates relatives (orangutans) and 2-year-old childrens. The 2-year-old children performed the same thing as the orangutans, the only thing that the children performed better on was “social skills: social learning, communicating and reading others.” There’s things that make humans unique such as standing upright posture, extraordinary brain, nakedness, clothing, and blushing.

Humans have the ability to stand with two feet for a really long time. Birds and other animals have the same ability but the only different is standing straight in a anatomic position. Furthermore, some animals have bigger brains than humans such as whales, African elephants and etc… The presentation in class showed us that the Neanderthals had bigger brains than humans? having an extraordinary brain makes us unique because it makes us have the ability to think beyond the capabilities from the rest of animals in the world. In the Bible (Genesis) God created Adam and Eve, they were naked without realizing it.

Our closest primates have fur all over there body but their still naked without realizing it, this idea connect to humans and there extraordinary brain. Humans have a lot of ability such as creating, and making things as building, technology, electrician, cars and most important clothes. Humans wear clothes to have respect and to be respected, clothing tells us the type of person we are just like clothes from different culture. This makes us unique because clothes came through the idea of Adam and Eve when they found out they’ve sins and realized there naked, so they had to cover themself and hide from God. The other thing that makes humans unique is having the ability to blush, there’s no research that have prove that animals can blush, a behavior that revealed our emotion toward someone. 

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