Relationship between Humans and Animals

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Relationship between Humans and Animals

This essay will examine the complex relationship between humans and animals. It will discuss the roles animals play in human society, from companionship to utility, and how this relationship has evolved over time. The piece will explore ethical considerations, conservation efforts, and the psychological and emotional connections between humans and animals. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Animal Rights.

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Humans and animals across the globe have had coexistence together for quite a while now and this has been amazing since the relationship is great. The relationship between the two groups of which they are different beings can be described from two angles of both the positive and the negative parts. This essay simply examines the given theoretical arguments that create the relationship between the humans and animals to be smooth. In the modern society, humans have taken the step ahead to make animals their friends and the relationship taken to another level.

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According to scholars across the globe, the care and the protection of animals by humans all depends on the moral argument of any human. Animal rights are one of the areas in which the relationship between the two groups has grown to greater levels.

This can both be negative or positive since the humans can engage in killing of the animals and in this case the relationship is negative. Others choose to spend time with the animals and protecting them at all levels and this is a positive sign on the issue of the relationship between the two groups. Therefore, the argument remains either positive or negative depending on the angle a person takes within them across the globe.One of the angles in which the relationship of the animals and that of humans has grown is on the animal rights since humans have taken the habit of taking care of the animals like they were equal to the humans.

Many of the animal rights activists across the globe re advocating that animals be assumed to have the same rights as humankind. This is to make sure they protect the animals from distinction from the earths surface. Some argue that although the animals use the issue of instincts whenever they are doing anything while the humans use their mind and instincts too. This is another relationship the humans have with animals across the globe at any given point. Animals can use instincts like how they can escape floods after sensing the climate while the humans cannot adapt to that. Sometimes the animals have a great instincts level compared to the humans and this creates a bond between the animals and humans.

Therefore, the relationship between the humans and the animals across the globe is mutual and at some point it is seen that the humans cannot live without animals and vice versa.According to the Orion magazine, there is the introduction of new dogs in town after realizing how the wild coyotes have decided to settle around some of the major cities across the United States. Across the city of New York, the new dogs are thriving there like never before and are not afraid of the humans though they are wild. This simply shows how the wild coyotes can have a good relationship with the humans without any group hurting the other. Though they are wild it does not mean the relationship is wild, it is widely seen how they are having a good time on the golf club surroundings.

The behavior of the coyotes is amazing since they just have to stare at people playing golf in the golf club as if they are interested in the way people are playing. This shows the level of relationship in which the wild Coyotes are having with the humans in this part. With time this will be another dog since people will start to tame them and have a domestic relationship with them since they are now getting used to the idea of humans around them at all times.For any person who understands the behavior of the coyotes, they live on the high plains and mountains in the west of the United States but the recent behavior is surprising. They have become the new members in New York and this is a change that shows the relationship humans are having with such beings.

According to this article, it is shown that the wild coyotes have seen refuge near the humans since in the mountains predators are many and with that fear they sought refuge from the humans. They seem so comfortable near the humans and this is a relationship in which is created for the two. This simply means animals and humans can coexist in peace without anyone hurting the other since the moving of the wild coyotes to the cities is a show of a good relationship between the two parties. The use of instincts is critical for them since they have been seen running after the golf balls and chewing them leaving the damaged. This is the only thing that the humans have not developed to understand why these wild coyotes behave in such a manner at any given time.According to the second article on the wisdom in the wild, this shows another angle of a relationship between the humans and animals.

The author describes the only idea she has on her grandmother being that they have the same habit of eating ground fish. This is a relationship bound by an animal and it is understandable on the manner in which the animals give people wisdom. Like the fish it is shown in the article on the manner on which the people have to depend on fish. Many people have the knowledge that eating of fish improves the humans thinking capacity across the globe and this has been proven by some of the scholars. Fish across the globe is helping the humans in different aspects like food, irreplaceable fuel and other means and this is the reason as to why the relationship between humans and animals is growing at all angles and making sure both have to live within their reach. Though the eating of fish is like killing them and can be referred to be a negative perspective on the relationship since it sides with one side of the pair. Therefore, this is a relationship between humans and animals although it is at some point negative according to this second article.There is a theory in which it describes the welfare and the utilitarianism of the animals across the globe. This shows another level of relationship between the two different groups being humans and animals around the world. This relationship depicts that animals are those animals in which they should be utilized by humans for their welfare and this also shows a negative and a positive part of the relationship. This idea is totally different from the philosophy that all the activists of the animal rights advocate around the world. People can kill the animals for food and this is the best relationship for the humans on their side but there are people who are advocating for the rights of the animals.

They claim that like humans, the animals have their moral rights and some privileges like freedoms though they do not have the same rights as the humans have. This is a disadvantage to the animals since the relationship between the humans and animals is not of equal rights. The practice of keeping animals as pets across the globe is another relationship that well suits the animals since the humans take care of them and teach them other aspects of live. Therefore, this is an advantage to the animals and makes it a positive edge of the relationship the humans have with the animals. ConclusionAlthough there are some of the relationships that are symbiotic, this is not a different case since humans depend a lot on animals for many things and vice versa.

In all cases, it is easy to conclude that the humans and the animals have a more positive relationship at all cost but it favors the humans a lot considering the perspective one reasons towards. This essay shows some of the areas in which the relationship is moving towards but the relationship is growing as time goes by since some of the animals who were wild are becoming domesticated. This is a show of the relationship of humans and animals are moving at a faster rate within the world and animals are becoming friendly as time is going. Therefore, the relationship is growing between the two different entities according to this essay.

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