Exposure in Animal Massage

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In about 40 states, animal massage laws are contained in the veterinary licensing laws. Just like human massage, animal massage is engaging, requires through study and knowledge, and can even be demanding physically.

Massage therapy has been performed in history for both per and livestock. It has been found to have the same relaxation effect to an animal just as it is to human beings. I have had adequate exposure and fun while performing massage on animals. For starters, it is amazing how one can be paid to pet dogs, horses, or cats all day long and makes a living.

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The fun part begins when you study the system of each species of animals. The study is geared towards understanding the parts that massage would affect the most. I was amazed to learn that the digestive, respiratory and integument system of animals tend to be more sensitive than for human beings. I learned a lot that animals can be sensitive to change in diet, strong scents, extreme ointment, heat and tropical treatments.

Going to massage school gave me such exposures that have contributed to my personal growth. Animals are close to human beings, and I got to learn to be patient persistent and inquisitive. Learning the behaviors of animals enabled me to get to take time to learn the behaviors of humans, and how to interact with them.

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The best I learned is the sensitivity of animals and the professionalism required to handle it. Energy work proved to be an integral part when it came to healing. It helped a great deal to heal faster and relaxation of muscles and myriad of health benefits of massage.

In conclusion, animal massage and energy works are fun to perform. I not only learned to take care of animals in the last year, but I understood their sensitivities and related to that of human beings. I had a lot of fun in massage school and got a lot of exposure.

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