Humans Impact Nature

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Nature has an important role that impacts people and people often make modifications that affect nature. People impact their environment both in a positive and negative way. The environment affects the way humans live. Human actions have consequences on the environment and nature affects those human actions. Nature gives humans many different types of resources but humans take what nature offers them which affects nature.

Farmers and workers have no control in what they make and produce because of big corporations that own them.

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In the documentary, “Food inc” examines that people like white meat so scientists created a new method so that the chicken have bigger breasts. A Tyson Chicken farmer says that the chickens remain locked in the day and night in chicken houses with no windows. A chic can now grow fully in only 7 weeks, but the bones of the chic cannot keep up with the speedy growth so when they attempt to take a few steps they immediately fall down. Farmers and workers have no other choice but to meet their bosses’ demands. Big corporations contribute to the food production since people want better and more enhanced products they make workers develop the products to meet people’s liking. This can also relate to, “The Jungle” since workers have to slaughter the animals in order to produce the food that people eventually consume. In “The Jungle” it states, “All night long this had been going on, and now the pens were full; by tonight they would all be empty, and the same thing would be done again. ‘And what will become of all these creatures?’ cried Teta Elzbieta.

they will all be killed and cut up; and over there on the other side of the packing houses are more railroad tracks, where the cars come to take them away” (Sinclair chapter 3). Workers are used constantly by the owners of the plant. There is a dark side of the meatpacking plant that workers work in simply because they have no choice.

Humans mentality doesn’t let them care for nature because they truly don’t know what nature provides to them and the environment. In “Hope for animals and their world” the author asserts, “…they are responsible for recycling decaying animals back into the ecosystem. This returns nutrients to the earth, which simulates the growth of plants…Unfortunately Lou finds it much harder to interest adults in the efforts being made to save the American burying beetle” (Goodall 63 and 66). People don’t care about saving the American burying beetle because their mentality is that they’re just an ugly bug without knowing their contribution to the environment. This can relate to Andrew C. Revkin’s, “In Defense of Everglade Pythons.” The author states, “…which because of humans’ penchant for exotic pets has become such a ‘moveable beast’… many people have a visceral ick or eek reaction to snakes. But it isn’t the pythons fault. It is our fault for introducing them” (Revkin 23 and 24). Pythons are often depicted evil and despicable by people who don’t see that pythons help maintain the earth’s ecosystem and environment. People’s failure to help nature and species are causing animals to die. In “The Lowest Animal” by Mark Twain, he asserts, “…Some hunters on our Great Plants organized a buffalo hunt for the entertainment of an English earl. They had charming sport. They killed seventy two of those great animals…” People began killing buffalos for fun. Hunting has contributed to the extinction of several animal species all over the world. Not only has hunting contributed to the extinction of species but also farmers spraying chemical pesticides on their crops. In “Hope for Animals and their world” the author states, “Unfortunately the weapons of choice have been chemical pesticides and this has led to horrific damage of all too many ecosystem…directly killing countless life forms in addition to the intended target…”(Goodall 62). Farmers use these pesticides without realizing the harm that they are causing to nature. By spraying these pesticides farmers aren’t only killing their main targets but as well as species that they had no intention of killing. While nature grants humans many resources, humans take what nature offers them and often turns it negative. Farmers and workers can’t control what they produce because of big businesses own them. The human mentality doesn’t let people care for nature because they are oblivious at what nature gives them. Human’s lack to help nature and the different species create extinctions. People don’t often help and care for nature because they fail to remember the connection between them and nature itself. Based on the circumstances, humans can either accept nature or make many efforts to try and modify it.

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