Should Zoos Exist or be Banned?

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Should Zoos Exist or be Banned?

This essay will debate the existence of zoos. It will discuss the arguments for and against zoos, including conservation efforts, educational benefits, and animal welfare concerns. The piece will explore the ethical considerations of keeping animals in captivity and the potential alternatives to traditional zoos. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Animals.

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 Bang! Boom! Clinking! Rattle! Zoos have millions of animals, but there are kids who bang on the glass of exhibits and shake the animals cages, when the animals are in them. There are also animals dying in zoos. Even zoos with to little space. That’s horrendous for animals who live in zoos. Zoos should be banned for eternity because; the animals have barely any space, zoos are killing innocent animals, people taunt/ abuse them.

To begin, people taunt and abuse these poor animals.

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Debbie Monsey noted a sign at the zoo, it said “Don’t make loud noises that bother animals.” Just think if the animals were released the you wouldn’t have to deal with that. You are just going to abuse the animals hearing in the zoos. If you’re trying to sleep or hate noise in general, you probably would be nice and not rude, which would mean you’d let them be. Continuing with that, a gorilla was getting taunted by visitors, so it lunged itself at the glass and pressed its palms and head against the glass. That was after the visitors were calling the gorilla “ugly.” See these visitors are taunting and abusing these furry animals. How would you feel if someone called you “Ugly,” you would probably be angry and probably scare them. That’s what the gorilla did. That’s one reason why zoos should be evacuated.

Furthermore, animals barely have any space in zoos. According to Michael D., “elephants roam as much as 30 miles a day.” Also “he will share 3.7 acres (About 3 Football Fields) with two companions.” So 30 miles is 19,200 acres, that’s a lot of land. What I’m saying is these elephants don’t get nearly enough space. On the other hand, Panda’s need 114.7 square kilometers. Which to be exact, they need 28342.987 acres, that is quite a lot if you ask me.Saint Louis zoo has Red Pandas,and their zoo’s only 89 acres. That means the Pandas don’t get enough space. Last, Tigers need 23 to 39 square miles. That’s 24,960 acres of land, they won’t get at zoos. Columbus Zoo is only 580 acres, and they have Tigers there. These Tigers need our help, we need to give them more space. In fact, all the animals need more space, and that’s another reason why zoos shouldn’t exist.

Additionally, zoos are killing innocent animals. Vin Morabito, stated “a gorilla was shot and killed for supposedly threatening a kid that wandered into its domain.” It wasn’t Harambe fault the kid wandered into its domain. It was the kids and parents fault. Another animal was killed, it was a young Giraffe named Marius. The reason he was killed was to prevent inbreeding. It can cause a problem for infants, it can also cause development of an unhealthy animal breed. LAst, I don’t know if you remember Tatiana, but she was a Siberian Tiger. She was shot and killed at just the age of four years old, weighing in at 450 pounds. This is really sad, and that’s another reason why zoos should be gone forever. You know, it’s quite funny, that people say zoos kill animals because they made a terrible mistake. Let me tell you this, everyone makes mistakes, but we aren’t exactly killed for them. Murderers have too even people in jail/ prison for another reason. They aren’t killed, like these animals, it’s just one mistake. Really zoos should be banned and the animals should be freed, not persecuted.

In essence, zoos should be absent, for eternity. Zoos should be absent, for eternity, because; these poor animals hardly have space, zoos are persecuting them, and visitors taunt/ abuse them. 

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