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About Animal Farm

Originally published :August 17, 1945
Author :George Orwell
Genre :Political satire
Page count :112 (UK paperback edition)
Followed by :Nineteen Eighty-Four
Original title :Animal Farm: A Fairy Story
Characters :Napoleon, Snowball, Old Major, Squealer, Boxer

Essay About Animal Farm
The novel Animal Farm is about animals who are tired of following the humans’ orders and decide to rebel. When they rebel and become “equal” with each other, the pigs, who are smarter than the other animals, become the leaders. The pigs made the dumb animals believe they were equal but really it was communism. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm in the perspective of animals who are going through communism.
In the book, most characters represent someone from history like Stalin and Trotsky. Napoleon the pig represents Joseph Stalin, a communist, and Snowball the pig represents Trotsky, Stalin’s rival for power. Another pig named squealer, who followed Napoleon represents the soviet press. Mr. Orwell used pigs since they were the most intelligent animals on the farm. Boxer and Clover represent the male and female work class of the Soviets. The horses were used to represent the working class since they are hard workers and main followers of the Soviet Union and they don’t really know what’s going on, they’re just working hard.
The two main leaders of the pigs and the other animals are Napoleon and Snowball. They barely ever agree on anything. The only time this happened was when there were extra apples and milk. That was where Orwell first showed Stalinism. Stalinism is the adopted ideas of Stalin. It is more like a dictatorship, where everyone worked for his goals. His main goal was industrialization and keeping power over everyone.
Communism is where everyone is equal. Everyone works hard and they share equally. Stalinism differs since it’s more of a dictatorship and everyone works hard. Even so, some were punished for not meeting their certain quota, they also didn’t all get equal pay as they would have in communism. There has never been a true communist nation.
In conclusion, Napoleon had the power and industrialization and achieved his goal and became more human-like to be above all other animals. Snowball wanted to elevate all animals but was exiled since he opposed Napoleon. Stalin became the leader of the communist party and Trotsky was exiled from the party for being runner up after the leader before they died. (Stalin Banishes Trotsky). George Orwell was able to show communism through the perspective of the farm animals in the novel Animal Farm.
About Animal Farm

August 17, 1945

George Orwell

Political Satire

Totalitarianism and Communism

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