Russian Orthodox Church and Animal Farm

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Russian Orthodox Church and Moses both followed the brutal leadership Czar and Mr. Jones??‰ before the rebellion. Moses was the pet raven of Mr. Jones. This means that Moses must rely on Mr. Jones to survive and Mr. Jones needs Moses to entertain him. On the other hand, under the rule of Peter I, the Czar controlled the Russian Orthodox Church, making the Russian Empire become a country with the unity of politics and religion. The Russian Orthodox Church needs the support of the imperial regime, and the imperial power needs the Russian Orthodox Church to serve it.

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In addition, Orwell’s lexical use of the word “tame describes Moses. This shows that Moses was once a wild raven until he was tamed by Mr. Jones and became the pet of Mr. Jones. In the past, the Russian Orthodox Church also tried to expand its influence and repeatedly emphasized that the power of the Church should be higher than that of the imperial power such as Nikon, the shepherd of Moscow’s pastoral district. He used metaphor to compare the power of the Russian Orthodox Church to that of the sun and the power of the Czar to that of the moon. However, the Russian Orthodox Church was eventually controlled by the Czar because it caused dissatisfaction of the Czars and the nobles and Peter I reformed the Russian Orthodox Church that he abolished the Russian Orthodox Patriarchal System and the head of it would appointed directly by the Czar.

During the revolution, Moses and the Russian Orthodox Church were disgusted by the new government and were expelled from their native lands. In the book, Moses was disgusted by Napoleon and Snowball because Moses built a harmful belief for animals that stop working hard and begin to fantasize about their happy lives on a Sugarcandy mountain filled with candies and hope. Finally, Moses followed Mr. Jones away from the farm. Historically, after the October Revolution, the new government repressed and rejected religion because religion at that time was seen as a spiritual opium that corroded the will of the people, and atheism was the dominant ideology. Stalin even declared that religion was obsolete and he wanted to replace religion with science and reason. His justification came straight from communism’s founder Karl Marx referred to religion as “the opiate of the masses.” So when the Bolsheviks took over in October 1917, they declared that church and state would be separate for the first time in Russian history. Countless churches had been closed, clergymen had been persecuted, and religious fields had been withering away. After the revolution, Moses and the Russian Orthodox Church were oppressed and expelled by the new government.

Whatever cruelty the new government did to Moses and the Russian Orthodox Church, Moses and the Russian Orthodox Church were needed for the new government when conditions deteriorated such as food shortages. Moses used his fascinating story to give animals hope when they couldn’t bear the hard work and harsh living conditions. The story of Moses kept animals calm so that Napoleon can exploit and utilize them. Moses’s story also encouraged animals to fight humans without worrying about the consequences of their death (going to the Sugarcandy Mountain) and united animals to inspire their love of farms. In the history of the fascist war to eradicate Germany, the Russian Orthodox Church always actively called on the people to take up arms, fight against the aggressors, drive the aggressors out of their homes, and played an important role in uniting the people and stimulating the patriotic enthusiasm of the people. In addition, Struggling for power, social instability, economic depression and the decline of the people’s living standards made people turn to the Church for hope, hoping to use its traditional influence to unity of all the people and lead Russia out of the abyss. Moses and the Russian Orthodox Church were once again popular because of the changes of the political and economic system and social ideology in Russia and Animal Farm.

In general, Moses, a pet raven is the embodiment of Russian Orthodox Church on Animal Farm. Reasons are embodied in their original masters, their treatment in the rebellion and their eventual regain of power when a dictator took power again.

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