How to Set Healthy Fitness and Diet Goals

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When setting healthy fitness and diet goals there are important steps you should follow to create a balance in the things you do and the food you eat.

You must consider every area of your life: self-love, eating habits, health status, fitness, sleep hygiene and relationships in order to achieve the outcome you desire, which is your fitness and diet goals.

Your goal should be timely, attainable, specific, measurable and in addition, create an actionable plan. You must decide why it is that you want to eat healthier and set goals to do the same, such as:

  • Take the time to research and learn about good nutrition.
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  • When you do your grocery shopping, make it a habit to read the labels of the foods you choose so as to ensure that, you are buying healthier foods.
  • It is important for your health and so you should learn how to cook those foods.
  • Develop and adopt healthier cooking methods.
  • Make the decision to change your lifestyle and try new types of healthier foods or recipes.

Think about the food and drink that you consume now and the changes that you will need to make in order to have healthier food choices.

It is important to keep track of what you eat in order to get it right on the way to achieving healthy fitness and diet goals. One suggestion is to keep a food diary which will assist you in identifying areas of improvement.

Do you want to lose weight or is it that you just want to achieve a healthy fitness level, you decide. Not everyone has the same goal and that is ok, but whatever your goal is, start now and get on the road to a healthier you.

To help you along on your journey I suggest that you embrace a good goal setting strategy, the SMART goal checklist which will definitely help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Be Specific in your details when setting your goals. You have made a decision that you need to exercise, but take it a step further and be Specific – set your goal to walk fifteen minutes at 6 a.m. every morning.

Are you able to Measure your goal? Saying that you are going to eat healthier is great, but set it in motion and make it Measurable – I will only intake1,200 calories per day.

You should set goals that are Attainable. Don’t just decide to go to the gym every day when you know that it is not possible because of work schedule and family responsibilities. Attainable – one day per week where work schedule and family responsibilities will not be an issue and on weekends where you would be afforded more time.

Do not set other people’s goals for yourself. Set goals that are relevant to you and your lifestyle. What are the things that are important to you, make it Relevant – I want to lose weight for me.

Get those calendars out and those diaries and set the Time, the deadline by which you intend to lose the weight an achieve healthy fitness and diet goals. Setting that Time – is important in motivating you in losing that 15 pounds that you desire to lose. Push yourself in getting it done by the Timeline you have set.

Make today, Day One of your fitness journey. I am not going to tell you that it is easy or that you will lose 5 pounds in one week, instead I will say to you that the journey to your health fitness and diet goals isn’t easy, and neither is it always fun, but together you and I, will create a partnership on your journey toward optimal fitness and your diet goals.

Get a workout program that will aid in getting you to your goals. You deserve to be healthy, to look amazing and to feel as if you can take on the world.

MAKE NO EXCUSES, I am here for you. Looking for an online trainer who cares about the total you, then look no further, I would love to help you.

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