Might a Vegan Diet be Healthy, or Even Healthier?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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While many people enjoy their steaks and burgers, a growing population of the world is turning to a plant based diet. Being vegan, otherwise known as people who have cut all animal products out of their diets, is one of the fastest growing trends in the world. Over 6% of the world is vegan, with almost 4% of them not using any animal products. With this growing trend, could any of it be bad?

There are many things to look at in the vegan lifestyle, like the amazing food. The lifestyle also has many health perks, which is why many people turn to it to help them lose weight. The diet is cholesterol free (only animal products have cholesterol), which means you have less of a chance for heart attack or stroke. It is also low in saturated fat, which causes heart disease and stroke. Being vegan also means an increase in antioxidants, which helps build your immune system. It is a good lifestyle choice, because eating fruits and vegetables is very healthy, and mixed with working out can lead to a very healthy and long life. Your overall digestion will improve, because many fruits and vegetables can clean out your system. Vegans are also said to live six to nine years longer than people who aren’t vegan.

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While there are many good things about being vegan, there is also some things that are not good. While the diet is very healthy, many people have a hard time sticking to it. If you are used to eating something everyday, breaking the habit is very hard. Many people fail at changing to this diet because of old habits. Meat has many necessary vitamins and minerals, which is why this diet could be scary. Not having these vitamins and minerals could mean life and death to people. In order to be a healthy vegan, you must find foods that have these to survive. You need to do extensive research before diving into the vegan lifestyle. Not eating meat also means you lose protein. You need to find foods, such as beans, to eat in place of the meat. While you can survive up to 70 days without protein, (if you are an average healthy adult), going without protein can cause muscle loss, cramping, and even in extreme cases, death.

While many people think being vegan means all you eat is fruits and vegetables, there are many way to turn your favorite recipes vegan. Replace butter with vegetable or coconut oil, which alters the taste slightly. Mixing flax seeds with water in place of eggs gives the same consistency. Replace honey with nectar, (agave), in your oats for a sweet treat. Almond milk tastes better than regular, and can be used for the same things. Coconut whipped cream can be used in place of regular on pumpkin pies. Changing a few ingredients in your everyday recipes can create a healthier vegan one. In my survey 37.9% of people said they are or someone they know is vegan, while 62.1% said no. 13.8% of people said they have thought about going vegan, with me included. While going vegan can seem scary, as long as you do your research, it can be an amazing and healthy change.

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