AB-1747 Bill and the Republican Party’s Stance on Student Food Assistance

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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AB 1747 relates to food assistance for students. The essay would detail the specifics of the bill, its objectives, and implications. Additionally, it would discuss the Republican Party’s stance on the issue, examining their concerns, criticisms, or support, and place the bill in the larger context of debates on social welfare. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Food topic.

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Republican: the bill AB-1747 food assistance: higher education students.Bill AB-1747 food assistance: higher education students is a bill about college students who have low income and are entitled to help from food assistance. The food assistance, SNAP, supplemental nutrition assistance Program, also known as CalFresh in California was introduced to supplement college students hunger. The students with low income are expected to pay a little amount of money to be eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program to qualify for food stamp. This is a bill I have chosen because I qualified for SNAP that helps me buy groceries and food to reduce hunger because am in college a full-time student and I work part-time. Some students work full time and school full time, and so they don’t need help from food assistance. SNAP has helped many students from staying in hunger, starvation and being homeless.

In this article, I will write about how the bill is of help to the low-income students and how it has boosted our learning program and also discuss why the rich think the bill should be withdrawn. AB-1747 is a bill that requires the public and private postsecondary education institutions located in the counties and takes part in restaurant meal program to increase its access and enrich its members with information as specified. The bill requires the DSS, department of social services to act as the state entity to receipt federal reimbursement on behalf of the institution, organization, and agency that secures funds for CalFresh outreach activities. AB-1747 creates the public higher education pantry assistance in the emergency food assistance program fund and apportions accounts resources as stated. Some post-secondary school students are hunger stricken, and they have low chances of concentrating in studies.

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Students who are attacked by hunger perform poorly because they are unable to meet their primary needs and hence many of them drop out before their graduation. Some Washington Post articles report an increase in food banks in universities and colleges. Reports also show that 24% of the students in colleges are food insecure though exact numbers are unknown (Brownell, Kelly, et al. 1370). There is a great need for the bill AB-1747 because there are some of the reports that show that students from working class and well-grounded homes perform well in the colleges in the United States. Colleges are seen as some avenue for the young students who are willing to eliminate poverty in their lineage. But with the increasing number of students facing homelessness and food insecurity, they become highly incompetent in their education. Even after California has invested so much in helping the students with the challenges, these students find the costs meant to attend colleges and universities are higher. This bill is effective in that it will increase the students’ abilities to complete colleges and universities without hardships.

This bill will also work towards minimizing food insecurity for students who have hardships in supporting their college education. Many universities in San Diego and California are faced with food insecurity and homelessness, and these universities have different ways of handling these issues. The enactment of the bill AB-1747 was to enable the universities to find better ways of addressing such issues that affect them (Ratcliffe, Caroline, et al. 1095).The restaurant meals are served for the elderly, disabled and the homeless. Only students who are elderly, disabled and homeless are entitled to Restaurant meals program. The bill allows the disabled, elderly and homeless to access hot prepared food from the allocated restaurants. Any county that is ready to serve its people with such restaurant meals programs are allowed to get approval from California social services department. The students who are homeless, elderly or disabled are allowed to get assistance from this program.

These are the people who even when provided with the raw food they will not be able to prepare it because of the obstacles they have. The homeless don’t have homes, where they can prepare the food from the disabled, have challenges that might make them find it difficult to cook. When provided with the ready food given in the program, they will be able to find ample time and the comfort they need in studies (Leung, Cindy, et al. 87). AB 1747 provides specific steps to enable the students to access nutrition programs as a result of Cal Grant Program eligibility. The Cal Grant program will subsidize the food the low-income students’ use and hence enable them to receive education with difficulties. The benefits are funded entirely by the federal government through SNAP and (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture which sets requirements which should be specifically met to enable documentation for access to CalFresh.

To make sure the CalFresh benefits are used for food, no one is allowed to access cash using the ATM-like EBT card. CarlFresh offers a $4.8 per day for every person who gets the benefits. People are allowed to purchase non-prepared foodstuff apart from the elderly, disabled and homeless who are speculated they will find difficulties in preparing food after they get the raw food. Cal Grant Program also offer financial support to the students who have completed their high school education and they are unable to support themselves at the post-secondary education level.

The bill also provides how the low-income students can get help from the government. The bill provides the state with several ways in which they draw federal resources and fight hunger among campus students in their communities. The low-income students are provided with a golden chance to meet their educational goals and better their lives as well as making way for maximizing federal food aid provided and which is disbursed in California (Mabli, James, et al 54). In contrary to the bill, there are those who feel the bill is not working in the best way to reach people.

Some people argue that the bill will oppressive to those people who do not benefit from the EBT benefits by restricting the use of ATM in the school and raising the charges for people who receive fees from foreign transactions. These people say that there is an already existing framework which should not show concern to the ATMs but should only work with the food vendors. Other concerns arise saying that the use of the EBT card involves a contract that is entered by the post-secondary institution and financial institutions that involves charges for the transactions performed using the EBT card (Pomeranz, et al. 433).

The Republican Party is also opposing the AB 1747 bill which favors the low-income students so that they can reduce the amount that is used annually to support it. But the Cali bill is opposing the Republicans from digging deep into the Assembly bill 1747. If the bill is cut, it will be a tragedy to the students who attend school full time, the homeless, disabled and elderly because many will pull out of school and they will continue with poverty and persistent suffering. It is a good idea that the Congress had, and they did not support the Republicans in cutting down the bill. If the bill is removed, may students will suffer many students get help from the SNAP and if it is eliminated many will drop out of school.In conclusion, it is good that the government implements the laws that favor the unfortunate in the society.

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There are those people who never get fortunate enough to live the life they wish they could be living. If such people are left to work on their own to achieve the greatness they want, many will never get anywhere on their own. When the government intervenes in the case where the government is providing the SNAP, CalFresh, they are bringing help to much hopeless. With the food help, the low-income students can continue their studies without limitations. Cal Grant is another case whereby students are saved from a nightmare. Instead of students getting through it all alone, they are to getting some financial support from the government. The federal funds are well disbursed through the people to the last person in the society. Even if some people opposed the bill, the Congress stood firm and defended the law such that no one could be able to ruin what was started.[bookmark: _GoBack]

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