The Effects of GMO’s Food on the World

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Attention getter: Have you ever wondered what goes into making most of the food you eat everyday?

Relevance: It is important to be aware of what is happening to the food you put in your body everyday, and how it affects you and other things in the world, because if you aren’t it might come back to hurt you one day.

Thesis: Today you will be learning about the effects of GMOs in food on the world

Initial preview: I will be talking about what GMOs are, and how they are made, how they affect humans, and how they affect the environment.

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Transition to 1st main point: To Begin, let’s talk about what GMOs are, and how are they made.


Point #1: What are GMOs in food , and how are they made

GMOs or Genetically modified organisms are organisms that have had their genetic material changed by engineering techniques to give them different characteristics. when used in foods, GMOs help improve the traits for certain crops with genetic modifications, and the productivity and resistance to diseases and pests.(Chassey 2007) GMOs in food are made by taking the seed of a certain crop, and adding different genes or traits to it before planting it.

Knowing how GMOs are used in food can give you a better understanding of how they will affect you and the people around you .

According to the IRT Institute For responsible Technology Currently commercialized GM crops in the U.S. include soy (94%), cotton (90%), canola (90%), sugar beets (95%), corn (88%), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%), zucchini and yellow squash (over 24,000 acres).This is just a small amount of crops that have been changed so far.(smith, 2003).

Transition to 2nd main point: Now that we’ve talked about What GMOs are, and how they are made, Let’s move on to talk about how they are affecting humans.

Point #2: How GMOS in food affect humans

Humans consume tons of GMOs in many of the different foods that they eat each day. Different types of GMOs used in foods have people thinking about the pros and cons of using them,and what they will do to their health. There have been findings that some of the chemicals used to protect GMO food products against diseases and pests can be harmful or even toxic to humans if consumed in large amounts.(National Academies Press (US),2016). It has also been found that when eating genetically modified foods your stomach does not always digest all of what you eat.(National Academies Press (US),2016)

Some of you may be thinking that GMOs are just plain bad for you,but they can also be good unintended effects are identified by comparing the GMO with the conventional counterpart. This approach establishes that a GM-derived food can be considered as safe as a conventional food (Fernandez, Paoletti,2018)

Some foods you might eat drink, or use everyday such as .Ketchup, chewing gum, soda,, pickles, salad dressing, fruit juices, yogurt, can soups, pasta sauce, cereal, hamburgers ,hotdogs, crackers, cookies, and chocolate all were either made with or contain some sort of genetic modification.

Transition to 3rd main point: So, now that we’ve discussed what GMOS are ,and how they are made, and how they affect humans, let’s discuss How GMOs affect the environment.

Point #3: How GMOs affect the environment.

When GMOs are used to grow crops many things can be changed in the environment.GMOs have been shown to have significant positive effects on the environment and have brought many benefits to farmers because of how fuel and money is saved.(Burachik, 2010). The use of GMOs can hurt the environments biodiversity and cause many traditional seeds to not be planted,and there will be less weed flowers , which means there will be less nectar for pollinators .(Glass,2013)

Many people may say that GMOS have no good effects for the environment,or that it can only bring more problems ,but it can go both ways.

GMOs can have no effects on the environment while still having effects on humans.


Transition to Conclusion: Overall you have learned a few things about GMOs.

Restate thesis: You have learned about the effects of GMOs on the world that we live in today.

Final summary: Hopefully you have learned what GMOs are,and how they are made, How they affect humans, And how they affect the environment.

Memorable closing: Next time you go to the grocery store,or go out to eat check and see if the food was made with GMOs ,and remember that you are what you eat -Michael Pollan


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Whole foodsmarket , an actual piece of evidence)

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