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Insurance Essays

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Individual Life Insurance

Words: 802 Pages: 3 4012

A company’s cultural beliefs and work environment greatly affects employees. When a company embraces diversity, employees and the business benefit immensely. This benefit is then reflected to the client though customer service and by the good or services provided. Today, Americans have the option of choosing from a wide array of insurance carriers for life, […]

Topics: Employment, Health Insurance, Insurance

About Wedding Insurance

Words: 818 Pages: 3 3862

Your wedding day is one of the most important? and expensive? days of your life. No matter how long and how carefully you’ve planned your big day, there’s always a chance that an unexpected event can disrupt your plans. We’ve all heard wedding horror stories. With the average wedding in the United States costing more […]

Topics: Insurance, Internet Of Things

You May not Need Big Data

Words: 483 Pages: 2 3859

In the article You May Not Need Big Data After All, 7-Eleven a prime example that empowering employees with the use of little data needed can help salesclerks make better operating decisions on a daily basis. This concept can also cause a continuing stream on innovation, and successively have a really successful business like 7-Eleven […]

Topics: Data Collection, Health, Health Insurance, Innovation, Insurance

Risk Management and Insurance

Words: 1722 Pages: 6 4061

As people, we are faced with the possibility of loss in our everyday lives. Be it a car accident, illness, Property loss, or even death. As early as the millennia B.C, modern profit insurance was demonstrated in a contract of a loan of trading capital to traveling merchants. The first insurance company formed in the […]

Topics: Health Insurance, Insurance, Risk, Welfare

Health Exchange Paper 

Words: 1107 Pages: 4 3664

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps to provide information on important health policy issues involving the United States’ role in health insurance. When first looking at the website, it seems like there’s a lot of information to begin with and you don’t know where to start. After looking around the website, […]

Topics: Health Insurance, Hospital, Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicine
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About Human Insurance

Words: 788 Pages: 3 4053

One of the main challenges facing the American healthcare system is the high number of the uninsured patients. Prior to the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a larger number of Americans were uninsured. However, with its adoption, historic gains in Medicaid coverage to a several low-income households were achieved and it provide Marketplace […]

Topics: Health, Health Care, Health Insurance, Insurance, Medicaid, Medicine, Poverty, Social Issues

Child Development in Poor Families

Words: 476 Pages: 2 4176

Poverty is a global problem that has always accompanied humanity. Nowadays, this phenomenon most often affects families with many children and its negative effects can be observed mostly with children. Lack of funds for satisfying basic living needs constitutes a threat to their health and proper development, is a cause of educational negligence and a […]

Topics: Child, Child Development, Family, Health, Insurance, Poverty

Insurance for Agriculture

Words: 1267 Pages: 4 4526

Nearly 200 years ago, agricultural workers made up almost 70 percent of the American labor force. However, changes in today’s economy and the decline of small American farms has reduced this number to less than two percent of the labor force. If there are fewer people working in the agriculture system, how much detail still […]

Topics: Agriculture, Food, Insurance, Internet Of Things, Pesticide, Risk

Under Insurance

Words: 2710 Pages: 9 4008

The studies and findings related to the underinsurance has been discussed before in recent years. It has been proved and showed in the articles, journals, research papers, presentations and news. From the studies, it has been said that the underinsurance in Malaysia is high as well as the awareness of the underinsurance. Underinsurance is quantified […]

Topics: Debt, Finance, Insurance, Wealth

Analysis of the Affordable Care Act and the Birth Control Pill

Words: 676 Pages: 2 1249

Obamacare was signed into law in March 2010. The law covers various types of health plans, benefits, and services. Just years ago millions of women were paying for or couldn’t afford birth control. Now, “an estimated 27 million women are currently benefiting from Obamacare’s no-cost services” (Ressler). Birth Control is an ongoing debate on whether […]

Topics: Affordable Care Act, Barack Obama, Birth Control, Insurance

Raised Age Limits for Driving

Words: 1523 Pages: 5 3679

Introduction A national shift to delay teenagers from driving limit at sixteen to seventeen needs to be undertaken to reduce the greater statistical odds of crashes drivers face. The collaborative efforts of Sakai et al finds teenagers are physiologically incapable of being sensible drivers (2012). The brain of a sixteen year, according to the National […]

Topics: Adolescence, Car, Driving, Driving Age, Insurance, Risk

Climate Changes and the Insurance Industry

Words: 3121 Pages: 10 3889

Prosperity–it’s a word that comes to mind when we think about the United States of America and we are absolutely right about that. Post World War II, our economy has experienced astounding economic growth without much signs of slowing down, even to this day. In fact, this postwar period was when the US fortified its […]

Topics: Global Warming, Insurance

Top 10 Insurance Companies for 2019

Words: 1016 Pages: 3 3063

The current health insurance policies and methods are changing in modern America. Under the Obama administration, it was wired to work using the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), often known as Affordable Care Act (ACA) or more popularly, as “Obamacare.” However, all across the nation, you’d find variations, as each state creates […]

Topics: Insurance

Telematics Accident Reconstruction and Insurance Company Insured

Words: 1454 Pages: 5 3873

In transport industry vehicles are primary valuable asset for their companies, which is why fleet managers have to ensure their fleets are insured and secured on time with advanced ‘telematics insurance’ or ‘usage based insurance’ (UBI) or also known as ‘pay as you go’ insurance for any unpreventable safety precautions. But when a vehicle occurred […]

Topics: Insurance

Health Insurance Market Structure

Words: 2023 Pages: 7 4450

One of the main issues with the health insurance market in the U.S. is the nature of the market itself: oligopoly market. In America, health insurance markets are usually extremely concentrated with a single insurer commanding almost 50 percent of the market (Clemens 121). This nature of market correlates with cost, quality, and availability of […]

Topics: Competition, Economy, Employment, Health, Health Care, Health Insurance, Insurance

IoT in Insurance

Words: 821 Pages: 3 3831

BACKGROUND This proposal deals with the effects of Internet of Things (IoT) on insurance market and discsuss the future of IoT based insurance investments. There is no agreed unique definition for Internet of Things which is agreed by whole researchers, academicians, corporate people and other communities. The definition first used by Kevin Ashton, a digital […]

Topics: Insurance, Internet Of Things, Research

Running Head Health Insurance Specialist

Words: 586 Pages: 2 4050

Abstract A health insurance specialist is a connotative term used to describe professionals in the health insurance field who are tasked with the responsibility of processing medical claims, keeping patients records as well as medical coding. They can also be known as medical coders, claims reimbursement specialists, medical assistants, and medical technicians and even claim […]

Topics: Health, Health Care, Health Insurance, Insurance, Medicine

Weather Index-Based Livestock Insurance

Words: 900 Pages: 3 3093

This paper focuses on estimating the causal e?ects of index-based livestock insurance on poultry production among pastoralists in Borena zone of southern Ethiopia, using four round household level paned data. Exploiting randomization of an extension treatments to purchase the index-based livestock insurance; and using fixed effect model and standard Tobit model analysis, our result shows […]

Topics: Insurance

Globalization of Insurance

Words: 285 Pages: 1 3877

According to Vaughan and Vaughan, they mentioned in the text stating, “Reinsurance is the most global sector of the insurance industry. In 2011, fewer than half (42 percent) of the reinsurance premiums ceded by U.S. insurers went to U.S. reinsurers.” They also stated that there have been two approaches to reinsurance regulation. Under the first […]

Topics: Globalization, Insurance

Agricultural Insurances

Words: 736 Pages: 2 4063

Data and Methodology: Karnataka state, with more than 75 per cent of its arable land in the rain fed regions, has the Second largest drought-prone area in India, (first largest Rajasthan). Minimizing the impact of natural disaster–related agriculture losses, particularly from drought, is therefore a major public policy objective for its government. An effective crop […]

Topics: Agriculture, Economy, Insurance, Poverty, Risk

Effects of Health Insurance on Labour Mobility

Words: 2153 Pages: 7 4212

The risk on whole or part is covered by insurance of a person incurring on a person due to expenditure of medical related issues, saturating risk over certain number of people either large or small. The individual who purchases the protection of insurance has to make a minimum amount of per monthly payment, known as […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Health, Health Insurance, Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Words: 3424 Pages: 11 4181

The information that I considered important for this work for academic purposes, start with a general idea about what is and how does an insurance work, it is very important to understand the concept about insurance before people know all the history and where does it come from. Then, we will see all the highlights […]

Topics: Customer, Insurance, Risk

California Health Insurance Fairness Act

Words: 2407 Pages: 8 4123

Overview of health problem In the modern society, health insurance is an imperative issue that helps with the firm address of major activities to be carried out. The identification of ardent activities that would drive the health service providers to have a package of insurance has led to a great level of difference in the […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Health, Health Care, Health Insurance, Insurance, Tax

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