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World Health Organization Essays

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Ebola Epidemic in West Africa

Words: 563 Pages: 2 3941

The most recent Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014 – 2015 had a weak international response and was a moment of crisis in global health leadership. Certainly, the outbreak was catastrophic, with a total of 28,000 cases and 11,000 deaths, which totaled more than all previous outbreaks (Camacho, 2014). As a result, there was […]

Topics: Ebola Virus, Health, Public Health, World Health Organization

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Words: 2376 Pages: 8 4451

Introduction The 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic in West Africa exposed a divide between the planning of the global health community and the reality of controlling an infectious disease outbreak. Public health planners planned, prepared, and strategized about combating emerging infectious diseases and bioterrorism attacks, yet as the reality of the containment effort set in, the infection […]

Topics: Ebola Virus, Health, Health Care, Medicine, Microbiology, Public Health, World Health Organization

Social Determinants Affecting the Cigarette Smoking Epidemic

Words: 1921 Pages: 6 4137

Tobacco has been used for centuries, even before Christopher Columbus brought it back to Europe. The widespread use of tobacco for smoking cigarettes grew in popularity throughout the early 20th century partially propagated by the widespread distribution of cigarettes during world wars (Cancer Council NSW, 2015).  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines a smoker […]

Topics: Adolescence, Disease, Health, Mental Disorder, Smoking, World Health Organization, Youth

Tuberculosis Research

Words: 830 Pages: 3 4902

Tuberculosis is one of the most dangerous contentious diseases which has led to loss of life for many people despite the fact that the disease is curable . The bacterial responsible for causing tuberculosis has been living amongst human population for a quite long time dating back to numerous centuries ago when it was discovered. […]

Topics: Disease, Health, Health Care, Medicine, Public Health, Tuberculosis, World Health Organization

Comparing Social Determinant and Prevalence of HIV/AID in Southern States (USA) and South Africa

Words: 1594 Pages: 5 3625

Comparing Social Determinant and Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Southern States (USA) and South Africa HIV prevalence is an issue of concern, World Health Organization lists HIV among the most risk health problem across the globe. Like some killer diseases, the high rate of spread associated with HIV concern critical health determinants that vary across […]

Topics: Health, Health Care, Hiv, Poverty, Rape, Social Inequality, Social Issues, World Health Organization
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Suicide in Teenagers

Words: 2509 Pages: 8 5534

Suicide is consistently one of the leading causes of death in the United States each year and unfortunately, teenage suicide is on the rise (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2018a). Although mental health conditions are often attributed to suicide, there is rarely a single cause. Numerous risk factors often contribute including relationships, access […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcoholism, Health, Health Care, Medicine, Mental Health, Suicide, Suicide Prevention, Violence, World Health Organization

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